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  1. Never to much stuff... just to little room. Really cool, thanks for sharing.
  2. Man, that is amazing. Nige does great work!! Can we get a close up of the A11 watch?
  3. These were produced for decades after the war and used well up into the 70s on many old birds. The WWII vintage A8s will have leather straps and the green color of the bags is usually more OD, also bakalite nose piece is a different and often black plastic. You are absolutely correct about the breather bags, finding an original still in descent shape is a rare thing. They certainly weren't made to last. Here is a wartime example for comparison.
  4. Right on. Like the Mae West, the RAF ones just look so much cooler than the B4s.
  5. Really nice, and to have two fall into your lap... whew! The first aid packet are quite impressive on their own. Can't quite remember about the leg loop D rings. I think they were for attaching a life raft kit or survival pack of some kind. I'm sure someone around here will know for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Thanks guys, both have their log books that contain repacks and technical orders.
  7. Finally found the A3 chute I needed to finish off my displays of the red group and yellow group QAC parachutes. Thanks to Bells for the help finding it and helping with the repack (great folks to work with). A fair bit has already been written about the differences in the groups and why they needed to be marked separately so as not to mix up matching chute and harness combination so I will just show ya the photos and field any questions of comments ya'll may have. Enjoy.
  8. Neat, you don't see the B7 very often. Nice rig. Need to find a ripcord for it though to make it complete.
  9. Excellent display. Nice selection of chutes hiding down there to. Is that a B8 hiding on the bottom shelf?
  10. Great score, with good history. Gotta be stoked on that. What contract is the B10?
  11. Nice Grow. Rarely seen these days. Thanks for sharing.
  12. You did well. Should be a nice set, M1 vest and M5 apron. The M5 is a nice and semi-rare apron for the flak suit (least produced apron of the war). Be cautious with it and check to see the plates are not rusting inside of the suit. I have seen sets that shed rust dust from the inside. That being said you can usually spot it from a discoloration to the exterior and your set looks quite clean. Enjoy it and display it with an M3 helmet.
  13. Here is an example of a B2 taken from another site. The B1 was similar in exterior construction of what was a heavy leather, probably horse. The interiors are what differed between the B1 and B2. The B1 would have been lined with thick shearling fleece, the latter being lined with nutria fur or the more commonly seen (like in these photos) wool lining. They were often used in open cockpit planes as many were still open in the 1920s-30s. Interestingly surviving examples usually have the chest pocket removed as it interfered with a parachute harness.
  14. Dig the velvet. Never seen one like it before.
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