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  1. It's a Meyer, New York
  2. Part of the fun of collecting this stuff is learning about it. thanks guys for the info.
  3. Makes sense. When did the AF and Army start using smaller collar insignia?
  4. So, you look at the edges as opposed to the size. Also Navy should not be curved like the army ones...I know that.
  5. I get a bit confused by the bars. I know navy oak leafs have veins and army does not...but the bars are a bit confusing. A few questions. 1. Did the army use 3/4 inch collar bars in ww2? And if not, if the bars are 3/4 inch does that make them Navy/USMC? 2. Did the navy ever use bars larger than 3/4 inch in ww2? Here is a pic. Is this Navy? It measures 3/4 inch long and 1/4 inch wide and is marked sterlling
  6. Are these Naval Aviator Bullion wings ww2 era? Any idea on value? If not ww2, any idea on age? The patch measures 3" x 1 1/4"
  7. Are these ww2 era bullion wings? Any idea on age and value? 3" x 1 1/4"
  8. Thanks Justin, that makes sense as I see a lot of 1 inch veined insignia around and I figured that was not used by the navy in ww2. There does seem to be a lot of variation. for example, I have an amico CDR insignia that is 5/8" and a Vanguard that is 3/4". It seems vanguards always run a little bigger. Did the Navy finally standardize these sizes at some point or did they continue to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer for a long time.
  9. From what I have researched, USN devices for LCDR/CDR measure about 5/8" to 3/4" depending on maker. US Army Maj/LtCol devices measure 1" to 1 1/4". What I am confused about is USMC. Their devices are veined as the USN but did they use both small and large devices? Did the USN in WW2 ever use a large device (i.e., larger than 3/4")? I assume no as the USN did not wear shoulder metal insignia right? Even on coats? thanks for clearing this up if you can.
  10. Yes Sir Commander. Vanguard seems to have some of the most interesting designs.
  11. USN regs call for a plain badge with raised veins. Army versions are not plain. This is collar size about 3/4 inches by Vanguard WW2 era. It is not plain, but does have raised veins.
  12. Anyone had any dealings with emedals in Canada?
  13. Great Info. I know the USN collar size LT bars were 3/4 by 3/4. Shoulder insignia typically is 1 1/8 inch or something like that and I figured was only used in the USMC. I have read that the USMC collar insignia was typically also bigger than that used by the Navy in WW2 but I am not sure that is true.
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