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  1. 326th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron (1st Design)
  2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi Dale, I don't know if Clifton had an extra patch. This one came up after he passed away with a lot of his other items hitting ebay. Al
  4. Maj. Gen. Frederick C. "Boots" Blesse These are on his party suit worn from Apr 1967-Apr 1968 when he was director of operations for the 366th Tactical Fighter Wing at Da Nang AB, Republic of Vietnam. He flew 108 combat missions over North Vietnam and another 46 in Laos and South Vietnam.
  5. 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron 100 Missions North Vietnam Mig Qualified Worn by 1st Lt. Charles C. Clifton Crew: Col. Robin Olds/AC & 1st Lt. Charles C. Clifton/Pilot Operation Bolo F-4C Phantom II 63-7680 2 Jan 1967 MIG 21 AIM-9 Sidewinder
  6. Worn by Col. Thomas "Zipgun" Coady. Col. Coady had more time in the F-105 than any other pilot in the USAF at the time, 1,850 flight hours, 1,000 of which were in combat. Coady flew the F-105G & F-105F Wild Weasel serving two combat tours from 1967-1973 flying from Korat RTAFB w/ the 17th WWS from Mar 1972-Dec1973 & Takhli RTAFB w/ the 357th TFS from Dec 1967-Sep 1969.
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