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  1. Thank you. I opened a new room... Max
  2. Hello, My world, 8th Infantry Division during WW1/WW2 : Max
  3. Hello, British Mark I helmet with steel plates supplied by Hadfields Ltd as evidenced by the marking on the hull "HS 75". The Americans were first equipped with the British helmet. Subsequently, the country manufactured its own helmet, copied from the British model in a few details and as of November 11, 1918, there were 2,700,000 helmets M1917 manufactured in less than a year. However, it isn’t uncommon to see American soldiers with British helmets. I present you this British helmet in the colours of the 8th Infantry Division with a painting typical of the period of the return at home
  4. Hello, Raymond Mathew Schwartz was born on March 14, 1896 in the state of Montana. He is the son of Frank Schwartz and Catherine Macklin. He and his family live in Beaverhead County in the town of Dillon. At the age of 22, he joined the US Army on August 8, 1918, serial number 4268447. He will pass through Camp Fremont and Camp Mills before being assigned to Company A of the 8th Infantry (16th Brigade) of the 8th Infantry Division. He left the United States for France on October 28, 1918, on board the USS President Grant, a troop transport ship built in 1903 and named like that on Augus
  5. Hello everyone, I present you my latest acquisitions. 8th Infantry Division WW1/WW2 erea, my theme of collection... Max
  6. Hi, Thanks to all. The weapon is a fake. Max
  7. This dummy is dedicated to Hayden Furrow, WW2 veteran of the 121st Infantry, 8th Division. The phrase – ”the Lost Battalion” – is sufficient stimulus to the minds of veteran members of the 121st Infantry to recall the unusual stint of fighting for the Brittany coastal resort of Dinard from August 7-14. For five of the eight days of battle, the exact location and daily welfare of Lt. Col. Gordon Eyler’s 3rd battalion were questions that defied answers. GI of the 121st Infantry Rgt during this battle in 1944 !
  8. Hello, My last acquisition, distinctive insignia of the 8th Medical Battalion, WW2 period. The back is marked A.H. DONDERO INC WASHINGTON D.C., a prominent early maker. A.H. Dondero, Inc. was started in 1922 by Colonel A.H. Dondero. As a retired quartermaster officer he recognized the need for supplying quality uniforms and uniform appointments for officers of the armed forces. He distributed and manufactured officer uniforms, uniform accessories, distinctive unit insignia and all most any uniform item that an officer would need during his tour of duty. http://www.dondero.com/history
  9. Hi, Today I received my rare newspapers dated September and November, 1943 - Volume 1 Number 10 & 11 ! I share with you a few pictures because there are many unknow photos, very nice...
  10. Hi, I'm very happy to share this article with you. Rare newspaper dated November 3rd, 1943 : Max
  11. Hi, What is his exact name ? Thanks
  12. Hi, New in my collection, the 1st edition of the 8th Div story, with 89 pages prepared and edited by Lt. Marc F. Griesbach.
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