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  1. really nice ! my Goodwill stores never have anything like it
  2. that is interesting !!! didnt think these were ever made after switch to OD color
  3. please be carefull and try to avoid styrofoam - over time vapors from it from will react with leather or rubber and will glue itself together. Have seen it first hand when nice ww1 german gasmask end up glued into the styrofoam head. it pretty much ruined that gas mask
  4. why would His last name change from Brinter to Brintrup ?
  5. Hi !! its Romanian made, communist era pouch... like this sling: http://www.rollanet.org/~stacyw/romanian_m44-sks_sling.htm
  6. very nice pickup !! thats a lotto winner right there
  7. nice haul - especially if IOTV has hard plates still in !
  8. wow, really nice helmet, and liner in great used but no abused condition ! superb !
  9. very cool photo ! You can also see the evolution of a collar slowly morphing into M26 style
  10. Interesting about these is that the boots are not using wooden pegs - but steel nails all around. could that be a clue ?
  11. Thank You Bodes ! interesting, some of my friends also mentioned possible French connection there... number of eyelets doesnt really match with most EU military boots... hmmm
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