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    I am interested in the following items: Named U.S. medals and Distinctive Insignia.
  1. Hi Jim, Here is a link to an earlier thread in the DI section that may help with the ID of your second DI. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/274044-169th-infantry-regiment-oddball-distintive-insignia/ Brent
  2. Familytreevets is right; making sure your results are airtight is paramount. Multiple names and spellings are a nightmare and can be hard to navigate at times. Every family has the same pitfalls. Here are some more possibilities for PA CW soldiers that could be related to your family tree.
  3. Civil War soldiers service and pension records are located in the National Archives in Washington DC. You can contact them for the records. But be aware that they charge for them and it is pricey in my opinion. I would suggest that you contact a private researcher to pull them and copy them for you. Even though your ancestor died in the war one of the family members may have applied for his pension. So be sure to check for a pension file. When I first started researching my family history I sent for the records. This was many, many years ago and the cost was much less then. I was elated to receive what they sent. Then, I started to travel to the archives to do my own research. Even though I had my ancestors records I had them pulled again so I could see the originals in person. I'm glad I did, as I found out that I didn't receive copies of all the papers that were in his pension file. One of the pages that I had not received the first time contained some valuable information for the family history. Good luck on your research. Brent
  4. Here is a link to the Pa State Archives Civil war Veterans card file. A good link to have if you are interested in PA CW soldiers. http://www.digitalarchives.state.pa.us/archive.asp?view=ArchiveIndexes&ArchiveID=17 Also, the site is much more than CW; there are other digitized records too. Quoting from the web site: "The Archives Records Information Access System (ARIAS) is designed to facilitate citizen access to archival records created by all branches and levels of Pennsylvania State Government. Records series currently online are: • PA National Guard Veteran’s Card File, 1867-1921 • Civil War Veterans’ Card File • Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File • World War I Service Medal Application Cards • Spanish American War Veterans’ Card File of United States Volunteers • Mexican Border Campaign Veterans’ Card File • Militia Officers’ Index Cards, 1775-1800 The original paper records were microfilmed. From this microfilm, the images were digitized for presentation on the Web. The content, sequence, and image quality among the records series will vary depending on how they were originally written/typed and subsequently filmed. In some instances, certain information may be illegible. Efforts were made to optimize the records for readabilty and presentation purposes for the Web. Currently, about 1,500,000 records are accessible in ARIAS, and the State Archives plans to make additional records available in the near future." Here is the link for those records mentioned above. http://www.digitalarchives.state.pa.us/archive.asp Brent
  5. Wasn't sure if you have seen this yet. It is from the Pa State Archives site. Brent
  6. 115th Quartermaster Battalion, California NG. http://www.militarymuseum.org/115QMInsig.html Brent
  7. I recognize that hallmark as the mark for the "Joseph K. Davison" company in Philadelphia. They manufactured quite a bit of G.A.R. and PNG medals. Brent
  8. Dick, I can only echo what others have said....amazing and beautiful work! Where is the bust of Chief Shikellamy located? I am really interested in the French and Indian War and Colonial Pennsylvania history and would love to see it in person, if possible. As a matter of fact I was exploring the Tulpehocken path last weekend and was admiring his statue at the Conrad Weiser homestead. Brent
  9. That would be the DUI for the 169th Infantry Regt., Connecticut NG. Brent
  10. Nice group. Here is his obit. Is it just me, I don't think the photos look like the same guy. What do you think? http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/spartanburg/obituary.aspx?pid=162591373 Brent
  11. Ken, you have an interesting pin there. However, I am not convinced, at this point that it is a DI. I have browsed through some of my reference material and I haven't turned anything up yet. As far as it being related to the 6th Infantry Regiment or the 6th Infantry Division I must respectfully disagree. The 6th Infantry has a well know and established coat of arms and their insignia is the shield and motto of the coat of arms. The 6th Infantry Division was organized sometime around 1917 for WW1. And, as far as I am aware, has always had a RED, six pointed star insignia associated with it. I have not seen any reference to an "Indian Head", on a six pointed star, related to the 6th Infantry Division. Not to mention the color of the star being wrong. There are just too many flags with the pin pictured for me to commit to an association with either the 6th IR or ID. Hopefully we will have more input from others. Brent
  12. 303rd Signal Battalion Although the photo of the back is blurry it looks like it has the hallmark "1E" which is the hallmark for the Emblem Supply Company, Inc. So that would place the manufacture around the mid 50's to mid 60's. Brent
  13. Thank you for pointing that out, Matt, I appreciate it. That hallmark is strictly on collector pieces then. DI hallmarks are an area that I am weak in and still learning. My references in that area are also limited. However, I am making some headway. Thank you, Brent
  14. Dave, you're welcome and thanks. Thanks should also go to guys like Jean Edens and Jay Massaro. Without their knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge, through their writing, we would have far less information in this hobby or addiction, depending on how you look at it. Even though both have passed, their knowledge continues to educate a newer generation of DI collectors such as myself and I am inspired by their example in my passion for collecting DI's. Also, a shout out to Bob Capistrano and Bob Leard who continue to carry the torch and pass on their knowledge, thank you. Brent
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