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  1. Are the originals waterproof? I always thought they were made of the same material like the map purse fabric but your original looks more like fabric. Thanks for the great info!
  2. My recent pick up. Lt. Thomas Reynolds was a B-24 pilot in the 455th BG. He and his crew were shot down on August 29, 1944.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate your input. Rick
  4. Thank you. I decided to put the post here too. I'm going to post better pictures this week. Thanks again!
  5. I believe this is an original, WWII-Theater Made patch. Just looking for some input or any other thoughts. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Looking for opinions on this 547th BG patch. Ive read that the backing does not necessarily make this a Theater made patch. Any input would be apprecited reference opinions on it. I believe it to be 100% original WWII, Theater made myself. Thank you!
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