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    I collect a bit of everything, Civil War through WW2. I am especially interested in KIA items, Black soldiers, flags and home front items. I love to research identified pieces to learn about the men they represent.

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  1. Thanks! I found another of this type at a local antique store last year.
  2. Looks WWII-era to me. Also features a 48 star flag which would indicate pre-1960 manufacture.
  3. I know this is an older topic but am hoping someone can weigh in on the value of a bayonet like this (painted white scabbard and bayonet that has been chromed. A friend wants to sell one. Thanks!
  4. Great grouping! Please let me know if you ever decide to part with it.
  5. Thank you very much. Perhaps it does say "Rainbow" beneath it.
  6. You're welcome! I went to take a photo of the back and found that I actually have two original examples. See the photos below.
  7. Firefighter - I believe yours is a reproduction. The originals feature a crisper image. Here is one in my collection that I am almost positive is original.
  8. Mine is identical to the original one posted.
  9. I have one in my collection and I believe it dates to 1942-43. Most war bond items using the minuteman image are from this period.
  10. I just acquired this sword from the son of the man that brought it home. His father was with the 11th Airborne and served in New Guinea, the Philippines, Okinawa and Japan. Can anyone tell me anything about the sword? Any way to know where it would have been picked up? I know next to nothing about Japanese items.
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