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  1. Looks like it has a US service # on it t 11402258 with the initials OST
  2. Thanks screamingeagles101 , pretty close to the color of mine. I wonder why they painted them different colors?
  3. Thanks ccyooper , just looked it up online . It sure does look like it . Thanks again
  4. Here is mine , it's a front seam swivel bail. The color looks like 4a on your chart
  5. Thanks everybody, is this the early grey body grenade ? It has the screw in the bottom
  6. Thanks I also picked up a blue practice grenade and I'm having a hard time getting the fuze out . It seems it's rusted in there
  7. Thanks , I remember buying it at collectors armory in the 80s . I remember the Thai military reused these helmets after WW2
  8. Thank you very much ! The Japanese helmet is one those Thai reissue ones.
  9. AP marked grenade found at the flea market today
  10. Found it on the loose with another graffiti cover . Too bad the original helmet is long gone. Thanks Ed
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