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  1. This is the only set I own, it comes from a special forces grouping that I own. I didn't get the badges for the other arm, but you can see the shadowing where the special forces and airborne tab have been.
  2. I have quite a few pairs of these with at least 3 different variations, bought from a reputable Vietnam militaria dealer and touted as 'Swim Shoes' having come from the estate of a 1950s - 60s UDT/SEAL veteran. Apparently they are referenced out in 'Grunt Gear' (I don't have a copy) as having been sometimes used in jungle combat?
  3. Thanks Mitch, I am rather fond of these particular pieces.
  4. Hi Patches, many thanks, a very interesting thread.
  5. Many thanks to Patches for pointing out this thread for me, I shall add my meagre offerings from my collection.
  6. And the rear of the patches, any observations as to construction, etc?
  7. Rifling through my collection and I just thought I would share these beauties, any comments welcome.
  8. Many thanks for the information and for the ID on the 36th.
  9. Great piece of info regards formation and confirming as sweetheart jewellery, thanks Scotty.
  10. A necklace pendant would make sense, many thanks for the help on this one.
  11. Many thanks Ski, I am sure I bought the 501st from another forum and they were touted as WWII, I guess it pays off to know your subject.. Dohhhhh....
  12. Rear and showing script on shield.
  13. These came to me as a small grouping, but there is no way to authenticate that these belonged to the same person. I wondered what anybody here makes of the small metal shield dated 1963?
  14. That's a great start! Many thanks for the info, I was a little confused by the numbering on the arm'd, but it starts to makes sense now
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