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  1. Thanks Terry! I had been looking for one for a while now and this store just so happened to have one at the low price because they thought it had all the internals broken. When I opened it up it was just the cylinder hand's rebound spring that was snapped in half. Everything else was in tip-top shape. Numrich Gun Parts happened to have the replacement part in stock so I have ordered it. The only other issue is the looks of the intentional bending of the ejector rod which in some sections of rotation sticks and does slide back home to the cylinder. Hoping the straightening of the ejector
  2. Might have to loan this to our Theodore Roosevelt impersonater for charging up San Juan Hill I guess with all that wear on it haha! After all he was carrying a Colt DA Navy revolver from the sunk USS Maine.
  3. Hello All, Thought I'd share my newest find at a very reasonable price. I did some research on the serial number and it came out in 1890 under the Model 1889 Colt DA Navy. This however has the secondary serrations at the rearmost of the cylinder which was a modification to make the timing tight and accurate because of the counter-clockwise rotation of the cylinder often not catch in the middle. So with this modification the revolver was re-classed as a 'New Navy'. The grips are original to the revolver and are the gutta percha type. The plant used to make the grips originally from the Ph
  4. Hello All, I am proud to announce the first example of the full reproduction of the WWI and pre-WWII era USS Texas tally. This is a special run of only 150 of them starting at $25 each. Anyone interested please PM me. Below is the link showing the tally on my reproduction WWI era US Navy enlisted blue dress cap. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/971364_340366932763115_1759728781_n.jpg Rick
  5. Hello All, I'm pleased to finally announce full reproduction Spanish American War era US Navy/US Marine Corps hammocks faithfully reproduced from a loaned original, documents on the period hammocks and original photos shown aboard the USS Olympia. These measure 78 inches long and 39 1/2 inches in width. 12 brass spurred grommets are stamped on each end. The canvas body includes the linen tag stitched into it underneath. Clews are mule-hitched as original photos show and not macrame woven like later by 1905. The nettles are also mule hitched through the grommets and pulled fast by the
  6. Gentlemen, I originally posted in the Splendid Little Wars forum about a reproduction Model 1895 Lee Navy rifle in 6mm being reproduced by Norton Firearms in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I was supposed to have the replica rifle brought to me on June 2nd and 3rd of this year at the VA Medical Center during the Reclaiming Our Heritage event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin however the owner I had made the prior arrangements with who assured me he would be there never showed up. This disappointed event museum staff members who caught wind that the rifle was going to be at this event. On November 5th of this
  7. Does anyone know the correct color paint for a military 1917 Harley Davidson? Any help as to where I can obtain 5 gallons of it is greatly appreciated! Rick
  8. 24 oz No. 4 canvas. I am currently reproducing four of them for the USS Olympia for their living history crew. Nettles and clews are made from actual hemp. No. 4 brass grommets are also used and have twelve on each end. 1898 style I'll use six lines 1.5 fathom long and the WWI versions I use a single line and macrame the clew with spare line on each end. Rick
  9. Hello All, I'm making some reproduction hammocks for the living history community. I've found 14 people interested so far in them. They measure 72 inches in length by 48 inches wide to fit the modern man's girth. The nettles and clews a made up of 5/16" hemp rope and the mounting ring comes with a 20 foot lanyard for lashing the hammock. Most of these hammocks are for the living history crew of the USS Olympia and some are going to be aboard the USS Texas. If any others are interested you can PM me. Thanks, Richard
  10. Has anyone heard of or has any examples of any dress whites using a dark blue denim-like material for the neck sail and the cuffs? Got a friend of mine that has a USCG dress whites with this material being used. Was this some sort of way to prevent the blue from dying into the white body? Look forward to your input on this! Thanks, Rick
  11. A note: We do not represent the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in any way shape or form until due notice.
  12. Thanks for you kind advice. We are in the process of creating a website right now. Myself and Co-founder are looking over the unit goals and by-laws and discussing on perfecting the website. Fliers are certainly something we can do to hand out at the various reenactments we plan on attending. We always look forward to kind advice about how we can currently improve ways of expanding our group.
  13. Thanks again Mr. Bishop for your reply to this, but Facebook is really the way for the future. You say that the majority of the audience is not on Facebook? There are over 800,000,000 people worldwide on Facebook and half that amount log in every single day. This number is estimated to increase to two times the amount by the end of this year. If you don't have a Facebook, it mainly tells me you may be a little too old to portray a submariner during WWII. But really do appreciate the input, though I'd have to differ with you on this one and my current members prove this too. In first hour
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