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  1. Thank you gentlemen for the fast responses, I'm very glad that you share your knowledge and insights! Ok, so far, the Father of our documented Vietnam Vet Gordon E Ballard, is Frank E Ballard. there was a Frank E Ballard in 326th QM Bn according to mr. Dijkhuizen his sources. That means that Frank Ballard must have been part of the 426th Coy of 326th QM Bn to be attached to the 101st AB Div. Is there anyone with acces to these unit files? Or do I need someone to go into the St. Louis archive as Major Z proposes? Kindest regards, Michiel
  2. Hello Allan, Thank you for your reply, that surely makes sense that it's way to long to be PFC, I had not thought of that. ok, in that case the paperwork and uniform are no match, (possibly family, but so far nothing conclusive). Any thoughts on how to proceed on this one, with only a last name and an uniform? thank you, Michiel
  3. The documents that came with the uniform: in this file 1970 he is listed as: Ballard, Gordon E.SSAN: 307-54-7752 PFC-E3 In this file (1969) he is listed as: Ballard, Gordy E. RA 16 949 883 PVT-E2 Co B 2nd B (ABN) 501st Infantry This means he stayed a while as a reservist in the army (if it's all the same person).? all help appreciated, with kindest regards, Michiel
  4. Many years ago I aquired a nice 101st Airborne set, supposedly all from the same guy, with some provenance. Other US Airborne collectors I spoke back then, all knew the set to be correct. Since then the set did not get the attention it deserved, hanging in one of the racks in the collectionroom. The set (an Ike Jacket, shirt, pants and Belt with QM buckle) was planned to leave the collection, but the better option is, that it will get a nicer spot Got to say, I'm still very fond of this jacket. That makes that It is time now to find out a little more about the jacket and it's former wearer.
  5. Well I took my laptop and the jacket, and walked them by, one by one from several websites, several eras but only the 9th made a perfect match (also in size, had to look it up because of a Antilles patch on baystate with the same shape). Well private purchase, the ranger patch should be removed I guess?
  6. well I checked it out, and in the right corner you can perfectly see the shape of the 9th SSI coming back in the sewing and glue pattern.
  7. No it's one big blur, it looks more like a stain then something else. I don't think it's a Dutch postwar, they are more green then this one. I can say that with 99% certainty. And it actually came from the USA, last week shipped in.
  8. Well Thanks guys! That is wasn't WW2 I had figured. But was just interested in what it could be then.
  9. I had a "buy one get one free" uniform. Very kind of the seller. But as it all came from estates he had no clue what he was selling. No problem I say, but now I have one Jacket of which I have no clue what it is, which period, any value? There is a shadow from a patch below of the rangerpatch. No interior, no tags, no labels, no markings. Looks almost like it was worn twice and never again. Private tailoring, made in some theater anywhere on the globe? Or just a piece of crap? It's quite a big jacket, the guy must have had some muscles. (shirt and tie are not part of the set, It's all a
  10. Thank you very much Gents! There are no holes for a tie or ties at all. The stars seem machine embroided definately not by hand. Are any detail shots needed for a better determination? or is the conclusion, late war manufacturing used till much later. (late war as in 1944 or 1945?) thanks a lot!
  11. Bought this set as a WWII set, is this correct or is this an earlier era set? The opinion of some other collectors made me doubt. first two are from the shirt, tag is unreadable washed out. The third photo is from the pants, has a fully readable tag. Both undaoubtly named with the same name. Thank you for your opinions!
  12. I love the Bulls eye canteen in post #1 and #2. It's in superb condition!
  13. Johan, Thanks for the correction. I still study this subject, I bought the big book (can't recall the title at the moment) with a great deal of all, equipment, uniforms and weapons of the AEF (the title is also something like that). But it's still under my pillow, haven't had much time to study it! The bayonet was a lucky shot at a Belgian Fair (wings and wheels), quite cheap and not Britisch so couldn't let it go!
  14. So now and then I buy some extras for displays or showcases. For instance this: a springfield bandoleer, a springfield bajonet, some pfc badges and collar disks. a grouping to acompany my tunic. the sweater from the Arkansas Red Cross here is some 'spare" gear (the color of the wall was not my idea) Because of the lack of space it has to share a cabinet with the German stuff.
  15. And there is some WW2 stuff aswell. One of the tunics in my collection I love the most. A QM from an Armoured Div with a Transportation Corps MTS patch on the right armsleeve. And the other QM in my collection, IDed, togheter with the jacket above. Some solo shots And there are two jackets from the 6th Inf Div from WW2 in my collection aswell. I found out the only picture I have of those is the first picture of the first post in this topic.
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