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  1. I've posted these before but here is a collage of two USAF uniforms that have been in my collection for many years now. Both have a mixture of bullion and standard insignia, custom and standard ribbons. I don't think it was all that uncommon to see this arrangement and have never found ant AFRs that disallowed it.
  2. Post-war created Dunn's Raiders patch
  3. I realize this is quite late but I've been away from the Forum for quite some time. My dear friend and mentor, John Dunn, passed peacefully at home on 6 September 2018. As a Lieutenant, John was my Platoon Commander and was the "Dunn" of Dunn's Raiders and personally led Recon Team Dutch Oven. As an enlisted Sergeant, her spent a tour on the Drill Field at Parris Island. His last tour was command of a recruiting center in Boston. After retirement, he worked for the US Department of Labor as the Rhode Island director for Veterans' Employment and Training. He will be buried at Arlington
  4. Wow….been away from the Forum so long I almost feel like a new guy. Hopefully I will have will be able to spend a bit more time here for a while. Cheers; Bill Woodier
  5. This morning I got word that Flonintino Gonzales passed away on 3 Feb. Flonintino served in Korea with B/21/24ID. He was among the first American soldiers to confront the North Korean invasion of Sough Korea. He was captured by the North Koreans on 5 Jul, 1950 and was marched north to the Apex POW camps with the infamous "Tiger Group" of American POWs. Enduring over 3 years of brutal treatment at the hands of his North Korean and Chinese captors, he was released on 28 Aug 1953. He remained in the Army and also served in Vietnam. Of the original 751 men in the Tiger Group, only 284 lived
  6. This flag made its way to me from MAG (ret) Willard "Bill" Donovan. Then Platoon Sergeant Donovan served with 4th Platoon, Love Company, 3rd Bn, 31st Infantry at the Chosin Reservoir. I first Met Bill at an Army Chosin Few reunion in 2001 and we became good friends. When he passed away, he left a note to the effect that this flag should come to me. It took several years but a mutual friend of Bill's eventually got the flag and brought it to me. It has been mounted in a frame but I cropped it down to the flag itself.
  7. Well....no picture would display but when I actually posted it, one of the pictures showed up....odd, that. I'll try posting the second picture here and will keep my fingers crossed. A Again, it didn't show up while I was replying. hopefully the picture will appear when I actually make the post.
  8. I just got this today. This flag belonged to my good friend Williard "Bill" Donovan. At 20 years of age he was the Platoon sergeant of 4th Platoon, Love Company 31st Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division. He went to Japan with the division and from there to Korea, Inchon/Seoul and finally the Chosin Reservoir. This is the battle flag he carried with him to Korea. Bill was medivac's from Hagaru-ri on 3 Dec 1950 with three wounds and frozen feet and hands. while recovering in the hospital, he wrote this on the flag. Bill passed away in 2010 and our mutual friend had been taking car
  9. One more shot, a very close-up shot of the ribbon rack....
  10. Close up of what's left of some stitched initials sewn to the bottom inside of the blouse.
  11. Close-up of the markings on the waistband of the trousers. I adjusted the contrast and brightness of this one a bit to make the markings more visible. That also caused the white material to appear rather garish in spots and more soiled in others than it truly is.
  12. Upper front again with the plastic-covered ribbons.
  13. Couple close-ups of the DIs.
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