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  1. Hi! Please check out my ebay store under the seller ID magnasound2012. I have a variety of WWII US army patches, including airborne, greenbacks, OD borders, wool, etc. All are authentic and priced to sell. There's even a 101st greenback with attached tab for a very low price. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am down-sizing my collection and have just over 800 WWII U.S. Army patches listed on ebay under the seller ID magnasound2012. Everything from the common to the harder to find, and all listed at a very fair price. These patches are all that I am selling from my collection and once they are sold, that's it. Please take a look and get 'em while you can! Thanks!
  3. Phill, thanks for the info and photo, that's very helpful!
  4. Hi, wondering about the tab on this, does it look good/legit? Thanks!
  5. Hi, does this patch look legit? Thanks for any help on this!
  6. Thanks for the reply, Phill! That blue insert patch of mine has a very similar back as the khaki one you posted....I guess I am leaning towards saying it is post-WWII. Thanks!
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