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  1. So, is this Col. Jeff Cooper actually resting the butt plate of his weapon on his jaw while firing?? Steve
  2. ...and even more seldom do you see an Army Sergeant putting the butt stock of his Thompson against his face while firing... (referring to post #2) Steve
  3. Both of those for 7$? Very nice!! I like that MacCarther bust!! Congratulations!! Steve
  4. Outstanding photos. Best I've seen of WWII Jeep production. As mentioned above, the photo of the crated Jeeps is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing, P-51A!! Steve
  5. My Mom and Dad. Vera and George Sherlock during or right after the war. Steve
  6. All the markings on the holster were hand stamped with individual letter dies, one letter at a time. Looks like a home done job, not the neat stamping on military holsters. Steve
  7. If you are referring to cutting down the long bayonets, I don't think that's one of them. Steve
  8. In addition to that magnificent emblem, the picture of the cap is interesting in another respect. The cap has on it the model 1937 chin strap (though the hat itself looks earlier, which is normal) The point I wish to make is, assuming the EGA was on that cap when it was last worn in service, you have that emblem being worn rather late, anywhere from 1937 on as long as that style of cap, with the brown color, was worn. It's not uncommon to see the droop wing EGAs being worn on the collar after 1937, especially for enlisted men, but most unusual to see a droop wing officer's EGA being worn t
  9. Regarding the first set of buttons you posted. If the reverse looks like the picture I posted, these are definitely mid-WWII buttons, not late 1940s. I've owned a number of WWII green blouses with those buttons on them. Steve
  10. USMC officers blouse for warmer weather (hence, no lining). 1940s -1950s. If it were earlier it would have brass belt hooks instead of belt loops for the Sam Browne belt. Steve
  11. What I find interesting about the jacket are the embroidered EGAs on the collar. I've never seen that before. Steve
  12. I'll tell you what it isn't -- U.S. military. Steve
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