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  1. The blouse appears to be standard issue US made blouse, and name stamped inside is to the Marine who wore it, not a tailor. Steve
  2. According to two different converters I used, the dollar price from 375 Euro is 421 dollars. At that price I would wait for a better one. Much of the visor edging is gone, and the Emblem is not the proper dress emblem which should be there. Otherwise, a nice hat. They do come up on Ebay fairly frequently. Steve
  3. Fellow USMC collectors - we've all seen many boot camp platoon photos. This, however, is the first one I've ever seen where, except for the two NCO's, none of the men are wearing insignia or belts on their greens, neither on the blouse nor on the overseas hat Nor do they have rifles. . This is a very unusual picture, so far as I am aware. They must be brand new. It's on Ebay now, and has been for some time because, I think, of the price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1942-USMC-818th-Platoon-San-Diego-California-Photograph-Marine-Corps/383552917809 Steve
  4. Thanks, Dirk. Waiting for someone else to chime in and identify it as either Federal or State Guardsman. If it's State, it should be California since this picture was taken in Northern California. Steve
  5. I'll do that tomorrow. It's named to Lancaster Lowry. An outstanding uniform and paper and more grouping, including three of his visors. Alec published his blues hat in his book. Lowry was in for about ten years and was a musician. Steve
  6. Just for the record, in another uniform grouping I have, the green blouse is dated 1927-28, and it is NOT a conversion. Steve
  7. I'm glad I could help. Yes, Dirk, please feel free to use my photos. As I mentioned before, I'll lend you the blouse if you like, I'll even pay postage from me to you. Also, thanks for the information on my guy. (Side note -- now that the forum has updated the site, it's so much easier to post pictures. ) Steve
  8. Here is a picture of the reverse side of the eyelet, and other seams by which you can see this has been altered. The second picture is the reverse of the collar. Third picture is one of the two belt hooks. Steve
  9. Ok, Dirk. I'll do it later today. Yes, it's named to a B.E. Scherer, a buck private. The trousers are dated 1918-19. I also have his blues, and his green and white covered visors. The blouse has the original 1922 pattern collar emblems, but I've never removed them because they are screwed on very tight, so I don't think they have ever been off. If you are doing an article on these things, I'd be happy to lend you the blouse. Steve Here are some pictures. The eyelets are embroidered. Sleeve linings are the typical white cloth. Here is an eyelet.
  10. It appears to be a WWI French hand grenade body. Steve
  11. Hi Dirk, I just packed away a uniform grouping to a Marine from the mid-late 20s. The roll collar green blouse is dated 1922-1923. Could that be what you are looking for? I didn't think to see if it is a conversion. I have owned other conversions in the past. Let me know if that might be one. If so, I can unpack it. Steve
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