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  1. These are legitimate WWII emblems made of lead or pot metal in order to save the bronze they were normally made of. I'm not sure if these were issued or private purchase, but they are not uncommon. I've seen several variations of these kind of emblems. Steve
  2. I'm surprised there are no hash marks, with that rank, anyway. Steve
  3. Apparently I'm wrong. I plead guilty. Execute me. Steve
  4. Perfect place for the question. The title of this sub-forum is "Medals, shoulder sleeve, metal insignia......" These are definitely metal insignia. Steve
  5. Both enlisted, and are the so called pattern 1937 emblems used until the late 1950s. Steve
  6. While recently cleaning out my brother's belongings after he died, I found this chair at his dining table. I'd sat in it many time, but never noticed it is military. By the construction of it I'm guessing 1930s or perhaps earlier. Look at the markings and maybe you can date it more precisely. Steve
  7. Outstanding patch and love the backing. They don't get better than that!! Thanks for showing. Steve
  8. For some reason I'm of the impression that inking in the chevrons on the HBTs didn't happen until after the war. A number of you out there know more than I, so please feel free to correct me. Post a picture if you can. Steve
  9. The blouse appears to be standard issue US made blouse, and name stamped inside is to the Marine who wore it, not a tailor. Steve
  10. According to two different converters I used, the dollar price from 375 Euro is 421 dollars. At that price I would wait for a better one. Much of the visor edging is gone, and the Emblem is not the proper dress emblem which should be there. Otherwise, a nice hat. They do come up on Ebay fairly frequently. Steve
  11. Fellow USMC collectors - we've all seen many boot camp platoon photos. This, however, is the first one I've ever seen where, except for the two NCO's, none of the men are wearing insignia or belts on their greens, neither on the blouse nor on the overseas hat Nor do they have rifles. . This is a very unusual picture, so far as I am aware. They must be brand new. It's on Ebay now, and has been for some time because, I think, of the price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1942-USMC-818th-Platoon-San-Diego-California-Photograph-Marine-Corps/383552917809 Steve
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