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    Always searching for items from Wyoming. Often will buy items from Montana, the Dakotas, Colorado and Nebraska.
    Primarily a Mexican War through WW2 collector with a large interest in the First World War. If you have something of interest to me let me know even if you don't want to sell it I would love to see it!

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  1. Seems to me to be a Platoon marker for a company. These harken back to an earlier age. They gave officers the ability to see where the men of thier company were when on the march or in manuevers. Nice Find.
  2. Again Thank you! Any Clue what shoulder patch they would have worn? I am thinking a Corp, Army or Sector Patch? Let me know !
  3. 12th Division US ww1! Great patch. I am always looking for them if you don't want it let me know!
  4. Thanks if possible let me know. I hadn't thought about this group in along time, the seller contacted me here last week and said she might have more items from this grouping. It would be great to know what shoulder patches are appriopriate and how long they were overseas etc. How many men ? Sectors of Assignment ? How many and what bars on the victory medal? Thank you for the help!
  5. I have a Discharge paper and un unit painted helmet named to a Ed Carter of Marion Arkansas who was in the 820th Transportation company in Europe with the AEF. He is listed as being 22 years old and of a "colored" complexion. Was the 820th an African American unit as well? found this years ago in Nebraska but have never located the history of the 820th or found Ed. Carter.
  6. Sounds like a better match than nothing. I hadn't thought about LaNoue being a first name. Thank you.
  7. Hello, Looking for a 1st Lt. Sanitary Trains Medical officer with the last name of LaNoue. Possibly from Colorado. Please help me find him.
  8. It is that time of year again to Remember that which happened just after the infamous 7th of December.
  9. Both of the sellers in the original post sell fake patches listed as real. Ebay doesn't care.
  10. Hello guys, Saw a DSC this morning either numbered 6639 or 6339 was very hard to read. I am leaning toward 6639. Is this one traceable? Thanks in advance.. Wyonative
  11. I have been collecting ACW items for over 30 years. It is my understanding that many relics were painted silver at the 25th anniversary and more at the 50th were painted gold. I have a few anniversary swords that were painted I don't see them often and they don't command a premium as a result of the paint. I am sure that there are those out there that have removed the paint. I am not and will not be one of them. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Hello, This uniform grouping with replacement medals sold on ebay Earlier this year. I have more of it and would sell or trade it to complete the grouping. PM me Ryan
  13. Saw one of these once cut down to a pennant with a removable wire stiffener. But that is just my 2 cents.
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