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  1. I’ve never seen a handle like this, must be a replacement.
  2. Got a couple on my restoration list. I was able to strip the paint off one and found original underneath, mine is a khaki brown color with black lettering and stripe. Here are the only pictures I have found of them:
  3. Thank you so much for the information, this is exactly what I need! Interesting. It is clear that the box was designed using the metric system, so, the Army must have procured these items from a foreign country. Makes me wonder exactly where the two bag set originated from.
  4. The way that the laces are tied to the back says surplus to me, most bags that saw use didn't use the laces. It’s also a common surplus store modification to take two small bags and try to make one larger bag. So, probably a surplus store mod.
  5. There is a picture of the key in this Worthpoint listing https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/wwii-portable-field-desk-key-1874623949
  6. It is certainly a well constructed bag, so I doubt a surplus store creation. I also see construction markings under the front buckle strap, are there more? This points to pattern design, not one off. There are plenty of unmarked bags in WWII, medic and demolition to name two off the top of my head, so I wouldnt be so quick to discount it because its unmarked. Hopefully, this mystery can be solved. Its a very interesting design.
  7. Nice bag. Definitely one of my favorite maker marks. I would leave it alone, it’s under the flap where it’s not really visible. Any attempt to clean it might cause it to bleed through and stain the outside.
  8. The second is an early version of the M1 pull fuze made of brass with the original brass base. It would normally be painted OD. Mid war these were replaced with the standard M1 of slightly different design and made of metal alloy. The early version also lacks the positive safety pin (which went between the firing pin and cap) which made them a bit more dangerous to use. Looks like you also have two additional bases made of alloy.
  9. Congrats on finding a very nice and rare bag! This bag is a part of the early war demolition set. The bag I posted is the “small” bag which would have a metal box inside designed to hold tools, fuses and other supplies. The bag you have here is the “large” bag designed to hold 20 blocks of 1/2lb TNT.
  10. Yikes! Looking at the other items this guy is selling, I don't doubt his story, he's clearly a picker with quite an eclectic inventory.
  11. Thanks for the info Blacksmith. I did read though some of the threads, but it's nice to get opinions on my particular situation ;-) I agree with the more is less sentiment. I am firmly in the camp of find out my options, weigh them, then make a decision. Don't just shoot from the hip! I will probably start with the least invasive intervention, like you suggested, and see how it goes.
  12. Some good thoughts there. From what remains of the original finished, it appears to have just been blackened. I suppose if I was able to completely remove the rust, I might be able to blacken it again.
  13. Yeah, that seems to be even MORE challenging. I have only seen one picture of one, let alone seen one for sale. I have a brake press and have considered making one, but I haven't been able to find anyone that has one. If someone has one and would be willing to give me some measurements, that would be fantastic!
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