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  1. Thanks for all the comments and he may still be alive because I can't find any obit.
  2. Stopped by an estate sale today and this is what caught me eye. I do know that the last name is Springman but couldn't find out anything else.
  3. Just picked up today! I wish there would have been more, but these piece is in excellent condition. It's a size small reg.
  4. Thanks for the link for Zippo Firefighter! It dates to 1967 and the ship is the U.S.S. FISKE DD842
  5. Love the jacket!! My great uncle was in the 44th and was shot down KIA on Feb 20th 44
  6. The plaque was saved during a apartment clean out by my son, it was headed for the trash. The patches and lighter were picked up on the last day of an estate sale for next to nothing. Small finds yes but I'm always looking.,
  7. Picked up two photo albums belonging to a William O. Swan, Triest 1947- 1948 maybe 75 photos total
  8. Thanks I'm really glad to have gotten it. Haven't found anything in awhile.
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