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  1. Fear not. The original liners' camouflage template consists of two green tones and one rust-brown tone, applied over the liner's standard olive drab paint via a stencil. These reproductions have three green tones, not to mention the shapes are different.
  2. Hello all, we have a Father's Day sale running at Circa1941.com this weekend. Enter coupon code FATHER15 at checkout to save 15% off. www.circa1941.com/for-sale
  3. For reference, here's what an original looks like:
  4. Here's the liner before the fake laundry number was added. https://www.circa1941.com/product-page/wwii-hawley-m1-helmet-liner-khaki-suspension
  5. Hi all, I doubt many will, but I wanted to make sure no one gets taken by this fake liner. The seller copied his description from my website. -Grant https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-Combat-Westinghouse-Factory-Applied-Jungle-Camouflage-M1-Helmet-Liner/174307858972
  6. It looks like he wrapped the web chinstrap around the front of the helmet's brim. Very cool stills, Pat!
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