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  1. I was in this unit in okinawa,,from 1986-89,,I wore this exact patch,,,I do believe they were sourced locally I still have some never been worn patches but they are in the states,,do you collec tthis type of patch? I have all the squadrons patchews for this wing as well,,,and the fancy "William Tell" contest patches,, let me know if your into these,,as I really dont know what else to do with my old patch collection
  2. no one else has seen one of these?? I have 2,, one in mint condition,,,and the one pictured above....
  3. Here is a unique pieces of field gear I picked up recently, its a USN 1944 Safety Still used for desalinating sea water,,and making it potable,, It still has 4 tubes of unused fuel cans with navy proofs and a ceramic block for using gasoline, matches extra gaskets,water bladder all kinds of cool stuff it appears to be unused,,has anyone seen one of these before and for that matter anyone else have one? How about an instuction sheet? the main label is peeling badly,,its dated june '44,,,,comments anyone?
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