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  1. Some sacrificed it all for their Mothers. RIP Warrior, you are not forgotten. http://www.fallenheroesproject.org/united-states/anthony-jonathan-sausto/
  2. Does any one know what this is and what it came from? What you see is what I know. Thanks in adavance!
  3. Just my $.02 since I was there. Prices were very high at some tables and very reasonable at others. I didn't come home empty handed. I was taken back by some selling seemingly common items for 2x-4x fair value. I also ran into many unhelpful tables where the owners were walking around and no prices were present. Walked away from several hundred dollars of stuff 30mins after they opened because I couldnt get a price. I came across several nice groupings that I would have liked to buy and were a reasonable cost, alas cash stood in my way. With that said, still my favorite show. The majority
  4. Does anyone have a way to research AF officers, other than records request? I did my best with a google search but did not come up with much. I found he was stationed in Taiwan. There was very little information in the listing. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Named-Air-Force-Mess-Dress-Uniform-Jacket-Colonel-Col-Command-Pilot-WWII-Medals-/201293588545
  5. TRR

    Rare MSI Kabar?

    Thanks fellas for all the information. I learned more than I expected as always around here. The seller has posted a few more that look like old stock, must have found a collection from the myriad of other items they sell. Are unused K-Bars pretty common for the VN years?
  6. TRR

    Rare MSI Kabar?

    Looks like climbing prices Bob, better economy or higher demand maybe?
  7. TRR

    Rare MSI Kabar?

    Thanks Gary! Great information.
  8. How rare are these Kabar knives? I have had a few, but never came across one that was worth this outside of WW2 era. Any info? Are there any reproductions or fakes of these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-US-Mk2-MSI-Fighting-Knife-Ka-Bar-Type-Mark-2-/221697036881?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item339e2c5251
  9. Remembering the fallen that gave their life, so that we may remain Free!
  10. Remembering the fallen that gave their life, so that we may remain Free!
  11. Remembering the fallen that gave their life, so that we may remain Free!
  12. Just giving this a bump in case anyone was looking for the other helmet mention in my FS thread.
  13. I was in contact with the seller, and this is the comment he made to me when I questioned the price he paid for the medal group. After ending the auction for these prices, he added this comment...... "I found the original invoice with the buyer's premium and postage we paid $21313.50 for the group. We will not selling it for any less and I must net that amount so eBay fee etc.. will add to the total price. If Jeff agrees with your valuation, then he can sell you one at your price, $21313.50 net is absolute min. price. If that doesn't work for you, I'm OK with it." - saw10thpainf Thi
  14. Great article to go with the pin. Still a neat piece, pins are not made like that anymore!
  15. We had a ton of this molle given to us in theater in '07. We all spray painted it to use on our UCP vest, because someone decided we couldn't mix uniforms patterns.
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