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  1. The pin back example may be WWII-made, or early post war. The others are post WWII. The version with the ridges on the ribbon if from the 50s/early 60s. The other two are a lot more modern than that. VN era or later.
  2. I have a yard long in one of my groups taken at the same place. Mine is from the 541st PIR
  3. The link that was posted for the 82nd is a great resource but is far from complete. It only covers the infantry formations, and even those are missing names, especially later war guys. You should also look at the 13th Airborne Division. There is a searchable version of the unit history online. As Allan said, the round "United States Paratroops" patch was often worn on the M42 jacket and these came in blue for infantry and red for artillery. Additionally, officers used the same type of laundry number sequence as enlisted men.
  4. Exactly right. I would point out that the opposite is also true. There have been outright fakes posted on here that were celebrated as fantastic originals. I would really want to look at the helmet in question before dismissing it entirely.
  5. Probably not a global conspiracy :)....just the usual Ebay weirdos and deadbeats. I would say that the high bidders on a good 1/3 of the things I sell on Ebay never pay.
  6. I agree that the condition of the hide leaves a lot to be desired and the missing patch hurts it. On the plus side though, it is a rare maker, has its original knits and zipper and some pretty nice art on the back. I've bought and sold quite a few of these and the pricing can vary a lot. The painted examples, especially those w/ pin up art like this one typically command a premium. Naming also bumps the price up. People buy these for a variety of reasons and they are really pieces of folk art. Condition isn't always the driving factor. The fighter pilot example I mentioned above was in much worse condition overall and I sold it to a dealer for over $1K. He presumably resold it for more. If you are looking for a nice example to add to your militaria collection though, I would pass on it.
  7. My guess is Japanese-made, but I'm sure others will chime in as well
  8. The pictures are really too limited to draw complete conclusions about the actual condition of the jacket. The OP says the jacket is named so probably researchable. I sold a jacket in worse condition for over $1K at the SOS in Feb because it was named to a P-47 pilot. Were it me, I would get the name and number from the seller and do some quick research to see if something interesting pops up.
  9. The vendor that sets up at the SOS makes very nice hardwood cases for a pretty reasonable price. I typically buy mine at the show, but I also ordered one from them for my Father in Law's casket flag after he passed away. I can't remember the name of the company but perhaps someone else has it...
  10. No worries Vern, nice to see it all matches up!
  11. Kadet

    A2 appraisal

    That is an excellent example of a painted and patched A2. It appears to have its original zipper and knits and is in great condition...all a big plus. A2 jackets like this are very "hot" right now, especially if they are named and researchable. The most desirable examples have fully painted backs like yours. I think a dealer would probably sell it for ~ $3000-3500 depending on the naming and what else might be with it. It is a very nice jacket.
  12. Kadet

    OSS Pins

    The pins were available for $1 and the veteran could specify whether he wanted a pin or a "key". I don't think the keys were meant solely for female members, although that is the common collector lore. Key devices like this were also worn by men on pocket watch fobs during this era. I think it was just a preference, although I can see how the pin may have been more practical and popular. I have a large OSS OG group that I purchased from the family a number of years ago. Their Father purchased the key instead of the pin and it is in the group.
  13. Kadet

    Glider pilot

    Swenson served in the contingent of glider pilots that formed a provisional company of the 194th Glider Infantry after the Varsity landings. They were all awarded Bronze Stars in the 1990s so they don’t show up in the database
  14. Very nice collection! One of the rarest ones in there is the "red" 517th patch. There are additional variations of this patch that date from the end of the war/post war era but this is the one you want to own.
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