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  1. Hello fellow public servant! Hi I’m from Indiana been a Firefighter and EMT-Medic for over 20 years actually 23, working on my 25 if my body will make it. i started out as rookie on engine company 72 on my first assignment, during that time they sent me to school to get my basic emt, worked on that certificate for a year or so, then went to a vocational college got my medic, and that made a few gray hairs that I still got. Fast forward to 2000-2002 I gotten really sick Doctors noticed a “goose egg” on the side of my neck. I went threw some more tests and found out I had thyroid cancer. We
  2. Greetings from Indiana. My grandfather Staff Sargent Marvin Pickens was in the 4025 Signal Corp in Luzon and other islands are there. He was switch board operator there. My grandfather never told much of he time during WW II. I was young at the time and didnt really think about it. He had some very close friends that he was in the army with that kept communication with. Mr. Irby Gwin, Herbert Stinnet (mispelled), Homer Overstreet, and John Richmond. I remember the times when they were all together, the stories were all "good stories", and never heard the same story twice. I am wondering if th
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