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  1. Hello. Here is a small object recently received. It is an aluminum strip lure which, dropped by a few planes before an operation made it possible to disorient the German radars, making them believe in a massive arrival of the air adversary. The pouch was to contain three originally. However, I have no info on the release method. I think the envelopes were thrown like that and the wind made them open up and deploy the parachute. It was used among other operations on June 06, 44 to make believe until the end a landing on the coasts of northern France. Some collector friends also tell me t
  2. Hello. thank you for this first opinion. I forgot the essential, the measures. it is 23.2cm by 15.2cm.
  3. Hello. I put this message from Eisenhower on sale, but the friend who is going to take it from me would like to be certain that it is original. for me no worries, but it's to reassure him. thank you in advance. cordially.
  4. dede6250

    My war room

    Hello, Thank you for the encouragements. I will soon add a english irvin jacket again. I still have a lot of wardrobe uniforms, but they are incomplete and there is plenty of room to put them on. some outfits come from sets with photographic albums in a cabinet. The medal of honor is a copy of 1981, when it was authorized for sale. She was in a museum that closed and she finished on the market.
  5. dede6250

    My war room

    Hi. After moving into a new home, I finally managed to make my little room to me by putting my collection. and like that, I no longer annoy my wife with my old junk. I still miss a little chair to be able to read quietly. https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/82/89/70/20190948.jpg https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/82/89/70/20190949.jpg https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/82/89/70/20190950.jpg https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/82/89/70/20190952.jpg https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/82/89/70/20190951.jpg https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/15/82/89/70/20190953.jpg https://i.servimg.com/u/f63/1
  6. After, I think it is possible to find an object of time but who has never known paratroopers because it is basically a toy and I do not think they stopped production on June 6, 44.
  7. Hello. Thank you for your opinions. luckily, I did not pay dearly, he was in a lot. I have already seen some for sale at crazy prices in Normandy.
  8. Hello. I submit to your analysis this cricket bought recently in a batch of military objects. What do you think? copy or actually period?
  9. Hello. I have a flag from the collection kept by the mother of Sergeant PRYME who died during the bombing of the MERSERBURG factory, and there is an identical flag with the rings.
  10. Hi, glad you like it. I do not know if in the United States it's like ours in France, but on all sales we find helmets with badges. So when we have a good one, we keep it. I have another one of the 90th coming out of the farm, I'll put a picture of it, but the painted badge is almost erased. thanks to wwIIDAD'S for this part of history, the guys have indeed endured well for the fights on ST LO.
  11. Hi, I do not remember too much because it's been a long time, but I think it was on the side of ST LO.
  12. Hello. I know, it's not in extraordinary condition, but all good, and coming out of Normandy. I was a policeman for a few years, and I was lucky to get out some good parts. I have another one of the 90th, but the badge is almost erased.
  13. Hello, thank you for your identifications. it fixes a track so, but not yet certain. Thank you for your help.
  14. Hello. Can you help me identify this crest? I think it's about usaaf, but which unit? where did he stand? on an a2 jacket? If you had one or more pictures of a soldier wearing this patch, it would be great. Thank you in advance, Cédric
  15. thank you, I'll check behind and tell you that. It is possible that somebody have added instruments. What makes me think that the screws are not all identical.
  16. Hi, I think you got it right, it sounds like a lot, especially for the first. Know you tell me what time was used the training tools, and for the flight on which aircraft? Too bad the picture is a little distant because I can not seethe dials miss him. Thank you for being examined my identification.
  17. Hi, I submit to you this picture of airline flight I acquired recently, my problem esyt that despite my research, I can not seem to find what device it was intended. If one of you knew well and could tell me that would be great. thank you in advance
  18. Hello, what superb exhibition. You had to receive aid for at least the exhibition material? I live in French Guiana, I have a collection that I would explain, but here they do not care, congratulations to you for the job
  19. Hi, I makes you share the purchase of France, a great album that belonged to Mr. Angelo THE MARIANA, talented musician, founder conductor of the musical group of 505 th Parachute Regiment. It's a great album including pictures of him leading the music, but also letters of thanks to him for being GAVIN officer and other paratroopers. I am pleased to present this album, even if it is not pure combat. Our man has apparently jumped anyway in Italy despite its functions. He was then transferred to the 88 th glider regiment, I think in order to preserve his life because of his talent. http://www.ob
  20. Hello, I live in Normandy and can ensure that the equipment there is still, the whole thing is to know where to look. However, it is good to know that the use of light metal detector is banned in France and constitutes an infringement of the fifth class (judicial seizure of the detector and heavy fine), if the property owner files a complaint for trespassing on his property, it still adds to the bill. And he should also know that all the landing beaches are protected from this type of search by a prefectural screeching halt. Personally, I am not against this hobby that can help save the remnan
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