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  1. I see. Thanks for the clarification.. I decided to strip the good stuff off,and keep it for my loose patch collection. Same thing as stripping them off for someone else,I guess.
  2. Who is "the buyer" that you refer to? "I" was the buyer at one point, now "I" am trying to decide what to do with it. To Sell it or part it, that is the question..
  3. That's an excellent idea,but I could never bring myself to do it. If it came to that point I'd just take the buttons and patches off,and donate the remains to Goodwill-out of sight out of mind If someone wanted to get creative with it,so be it Very neat concept though
  4. I agree,I hate to wreck anything,but it's already pretty much wrecked. It has to go one way or the other,so I guess I'll throw it on the auction site and see what happens. I have no more room on the walls and I need to get some new stuff on display. Thank you
  5. I'm thinning out my collection a bit to make room for other things. I have this privately tailored 2nd Division patched dress blue jacket in terrible shape. Is it worth trying to sell or should I just strip it for parts? (I will not be selling any of these on this forum,BTW.) I hate to do that,but it's VERY bad. Many large moth holes everywhere,lining is absolutely shredded,basically junk. If it were named,I would keep it but it's not. I don't want it to fall apart any more,and I need the room. It has good patches and EGA's.. What's the consensus in a dilemma like thi
  6. Hahah,yeah..I ALMOST bought them for the sheer novelty,but couldn't bring myself to do it. Id have about 1/16th quantity of a poncho for $22-when I could buy a whole one for $50 Now,if there was a way to prove they were used on IWO....
  7. Just found theses at an antique store, thought it was a neat "repurposing" of a USMC camo poncho!
  8. Haven't heard of it,but coincidentally,I might be heading to Florence in the next week or two. Will definitely keep an eye out.
  9. You know, in the few hours I've had to research since I first posted this,I've found that spelling errors on medals is much more common than I ever would have imagined! I've found 11 instances/reports,whatever including this one. Crazy! Thanks very much again everyone. Now to track down his particulars!
  10. I'll check into that,thank you for the lead!
  11. Whew... Thank you guys very much! I'm very glad to hear it,and excited (?) to start YET ANOTHER research project.. Thanks again.
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