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  1. What are these worth? are collectors actively seeking these? I have one of these and happen to think they are quite rare... I sold off all my WW2 frog skins but held on to a mint unissued 1952 Blue Anchor Coverall cover I got from Okinawa and one of these contract 5432 covers that I procured from Sgt. Dorango...
  2. I have 4 complete sets of USMC OD marked shelter halves. 2 M43 marked shovel covers and at least 3 canteen covers. I always look for this gear as it's on the rare side of things when looking for USMC collectibles..
  3. Always had a soft spot for these M17A1's. You will find a good 60+ % are marked in some manner as has been my experience..
  4. This was my baby before I moved it on Looks great in that case! P.s. I always like the beach side out with the stripes and serial number..
  5. Love those old M17A1's! Such character!
  6. Frontrowjow; I'm with you... Sold off 70% of my collection and have been away from the forum and collecting for at least 6mos or longer.. You have company my friend.. As for the liner statement ; I've had many shells I have paired up with period liners.. As long as the components are genuine and the "timeline" correct; I have no problems . I would venture to say 80+ % of the WW2-VN era helmets for sale these days are put togethers. Nothing "wrong" with that unless pawned off as an original bring back .. THOSE are scarce, and I would only trust one being sold as such , if it had provenance p
  7. Non-US manufacture, Asian theater produced .. ROK marine or Southeast Asia origin
  8. That's a WW2 era surplus cover fitted with a 50's style Diamond EGA.. These are pretty cool and not so common to find these days...
  9. Always wanted an M17A1 definitely tied to a Marine.. no way to tell unless marked in a certain way ( or also the paint such as this one...) that's a killer piece!
  10. This is the type of stamp seen on the 1953 Blue Anchor overall covers...
  11. It's so hard to follow post M1 helmets. First off a comment; I am for all and everything that protects and offers better protection and support to our Armed Services personnel. Period! As a collector, these lids have no soul. Since the M1 was phased out in favor of the PASGT, there have been numerous designs and modifications that I cannot even keep track of. So I would not expect to see any of these in 50 years as a collectible item, but then again who the heck knows what people will be collecting then anyway! Good for the Army and Marines, and anything that helps them better do what th
  12. Exactly! Love that one with the two colors. Another forum member posted a thread about buying a lot of covers that I and another member identified as South Vietnamese ARVN made. One can tell by the crude stitching as compare with the US made ones... I think these ARVN covers should have a place in every VN era helmet collection.
  13. I had no trouble.. It was a smooth transaction.. it was like $12 bucks shipped ( cover and VC flag...)
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