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  1. Yes pre D-Day 3rd BT 506th HQ Demolitions section aka The filthy 13. I panted it my self, the face paint is only done with face paint so that I can clean it off if I want to change it up!
  2. Need to photograph some f mine really! Many variations, nearly all different makers. Added a few more since that photo was taken
  3. I picked up some boots exactly like these the other day. The front had been re soled with what appears to be a reproduction sole but the back part was still original. They also have the No55 stamped in between the soles. I'd say they are WW2 period boots as they fit all the characteristics.
  4. Copies unfortunately (don't have that much money at 15!)
  5. Got this rare little thing a while back, Bakelite carsile tin
  6. Done some Moving around Got a nice 1945 B4 the other day Canteen covers
  7. And here's a picture of me with all the gear on!
  8. 100% homemade box of fuse lighters Homemade 30 cap detonator. Not sure if it's the correct size though? Anyone got one they could measure for me?
  9. Hi, I've been making a lot of demolition kit recently to go with my filthy 13 impression that I do so I thought I would share what I have! Most of it is home made with a few original bits in there such as the M2 and M1A1 devices (which I dug up) and the satchel charge bag. Thanks, Ben
  10. http://www.ww2-airborne.us/units/325/325_memories.html If you read this it's an acount of his memorys from the war - where he went and what he did. I tracked the serial number and name and found it. I have this all printed off as well as his military record like you found and then have that with the boots. I didn't get them from the faimly I got them from an antique shoe seller on eBay.
  11. Possibly but it looks like there's brush marks on them in places where the original colour is clearest.
  12. I recently bought a nice pair of named jump boots (k company 325th) but they had either been dyed black or painted black. The brown appears to be wearing through in some places so I was wondering if there was any way I could clean them up better and get them back to their original colour? Thanks, Ben
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