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    Fighting the never ending struggle with focusing my collection...AAF Uniform groupings/Kansas Military Related Items/WWII Kansas Items - Especially KIA Purple Hearts from Kansans

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  1. I believe it has to be both to get the form.
  2. Update... my first run at trying to get money back to PayPal for spending... EBay sent payout to my back, there on Wednesday, took until today (Monday) to transfer into my PayPal account from my bank. Annoying for sure. anyone found a better way?!?!
  3. Very nice!! If my memory serves me right, the 22nd Kansas didn't leave the states, they served in Virginia for the duration of the War with Spain. Great display, thanks for sharing.
  4. So you can hold the money in your new eBay account and buy with it? Honestly, that was the only piece I didn’t like (I’d read that the early days were awful but the kinks were getting worked out). Thanks so much for the explanation, I really appreciate it. Tyler
  5. Another tip... make sure whatever bank account you attach is in your name as primary (and not your spouse). Sigh😂
  6. I think there are some good aspects, I guess we will see.
  7. Thanks guys for the input! Sounds like we are all going through this. I think I can handle it except not being able to dump my money back on new purchases right away...
  8. I’ve been caught in the eBay web to start the Managed Payment Program at the end of the month. Anyone using it already? Advice? I’m a hobby seller, sell for a few friends and sell to feed the beast. it looks like I will need a dedicated account for the regular disbursements (as I don’t want my weekly $5 in sales disappearing into my regular bank account). Can I just link that account to both PayPal and eBay to complete the circle? I'm all ears if anyone has advice, thanks in advance.
  9. It was nice to get and about again today. Even better when I figured out what I bought.... and someday I’m going to figure out how to get the pics vertical.
  10. Here’s the collar insignia I have.... no hat badges though.
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