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  1. This one isn’t too exciting but he appears to be a Western Theater soldier with musket and possibly a holstered revolver. Rob M
  2. Neat images Frank. That's cool Mike. Straight out of the image! Rob M
  3. Great images Paul! Nice watermark as well. Rob M
  4. Nice corps badge tintype Mike.
  5. Hey Paul, would enjoy seeing your images! Rob M
  6. Would enjoy seeing what you might have to share in tintypes, ambrotypes, dags, cdvs, albumens. I used to collect CW images (& diaries) but moved to WWII for about a decade but now starting to try to get back into it some. Rob M (Always looking for good diaries & CW images!) Here's a confederate likely from Mississippi. Sixth plate tintype. This is a ninth plate ambrotype of a confederate armed with a Colt Root revolver. Image has some solarization issues but great content. This o
  7. This one actually came out of a Louisiana estate. Rob M
  8. Just picked up this armed Confederate sixth-plate tintype. Likely from Mississippi. Rob M (Always looking for interesting Civil War images - PM me if you have something!)
  9. Fantastic collection of CDVs guys. I’ve got a couple of diaries associated with the 7th KS Cavalry. These guys really bring them to life. I’ve lived all my life in the area these guys are from. Would love to run into a collection of them around here but never been that lucky. Thanks for sharing. Rob M
  10. John, I’ll PM you with a couple of people you’ll want to talk with. Hinkle had mentioned about trying to drop notes in bottles when near the shorelines while on the hell ships as I recall. That’s a possibility, or he just managed to get it smuggled out by some other means. They had to be creative. Rob M
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