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  1. Here is a video interview of Jack Jacobson that his son just posted about the Yamamoto Mission. Great that his son did this before Jack passed just a few years after the interview. Rob M
  2. Very true, it was often the only chance to get a photo of a child after their premature death. As far as soldiers, there are reportedly only 8 post mortem hard images including this one. Rob M
  3. Latest image to come in is this young soldier, Alonzo Clark of the 31st Maine, who died of disease in 1864. Rob M
  4. Nicely tinted sixth plate tintype. Rob M
  5. Picked up a couple of ninth plates. Rob M First guy is wearing a Zouave style jacket but can’t figure out which regiment he might be in. Second image is a neat Reb image with some wipe marks but wearing a great ostrich plumed hat.
  6. Just picked up this image of a Reb with a CS Belt Buckle. Rob M
  7. This one isn’t too exciting but he appears to be a Western Theater soldier with musket and possibly a holstered revolver. Rob M
  8. Neat images Frank. That's cool Mike. Straight out of the image! Rob M
  9. Great images Paul! Nice watermark as well. Rob M
  10. Nice corps badge tintype Mike.
  11. Hey Paul, would enjoy seeing your images! Rob M
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