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  1. John, I’ll PM you with a couple of people you’ll want to talk with. Hinkle had mentioned about trying to drop notes in bottles when near the shorelines while on the hell ships as I recall. That’s a possibility, or he just managed to get it smuggled out by some other means. They had to be creative. Rob M
  2. Great group. Thanks for sharing. Any air victories noted in his log/diary? Rob M
  3. I also have one of the photos that is autographed by nine of the Yamamoto Mission pilots along with Jacobson's COA. This is from his estate. If anybody's interested in it for $195 drop me a PM. Rob M
  4. Here is the entries from Jacobson's diary after the elation of their return when they thought they were going to get more significant medals. Rob M
  5. Since it was a secret mission to intercept Yamamoto they didn't want any of the pilots making mention that they knew Yamamoto was in the plane they shot down or it would likely give away the fact that the Americans had broke the Japanese code. Well, Lanphier blurted out over his mic that he shot Yamamoto down before they had even landed. He continued to have loose lips even after the mission. Lanphier, Mitchell and the killer group were going to get the Medal of Honor for the mission and all others were to get at least the Silver Star. When Bull Halsey found out about Lanphier's breach, he unloaded on Lanphier and tore up his MOH paperwork and told him he should be court-martialled. All medal awards were dropped down a grade. Rob M
  6. Kurt, I got to looking again and it appears you are correct, one of the DFC’s was for the Yamamoto Mission. They thought they were gonna get Silver Stars but Lanphier’s big mouth cost them the higher awards. Rob M
  7. I was also kind of curious if a pilot would typically wear anything while on a mission such as his wings? It would be kind of neat to know that he possibly wore the wings on the Yamamoto Mission. Rob M
  8. Thanks for the help! Why would he have multiples of the ribbon bars? Was it for different uniforms? Also, what is the item in the top middle in the attached photo? Rob M
  9. I just got this in today. It belonged to Julius "Jack" Jacobson, Major John Mitchell's wing man, for the mission to shoot down Yamamoto. I got it from his son (neat guy) and he included a COA. I'm mostly a diary guy (I have Jacobson's diary as well) so I don't know much at all about the ribbons and mini medals, aviator badges, etc. I've been digging around on the internet and have gained some knowledge but still have a lot of holes so any and all help would be appreciated! I know the mini medals are the Silver Star (for the Yamamoto Mission), Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and Campaign medal. The ribbons I guess denote these same awards? Rob M
  10. Nice grouping! Rob M P.S. Your posted photos turned out so small I think viewers are having a hard time seeing the items and commenting.
  11. Very nice. Diaries are tough to display but, boy, they have a wealth of great first-hand, descriptive information. I would love to set up a room to display mine but my wife would argue differently. Instead they get locked away. Nice job! Rob M
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