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  1. I'd be interested to know who's around thats dealt with Spearhead or any of the other

    far east dealers. Rollin at ATF,from what I understand,gets his from there. I have no

    idea where Juan has his made for WWII Impressions.

    I am getting tired of seeing these on the collctors market


  2. There is a bogus second pattern ww2 usmc helmet cover on ebay .

    the seller is asking 200.00 .It looks like the same bogus one I got fooled

    by back in around o6 . Thanks to the forum i think i am getting better at

    spotting things . The forum is even a better source of information than alot of

    these expensive reference books . Thanks Koreamike

  3. At first I thought it looked OK, especially if the print matches up in size to the original.


    However I'm not so sure, maybe it's the pictures but the thread looks like polyester (ie. shiny) to me, also the overlocking on the edge doesn't seem right. Maybe try burn test on some thread. Compare with the overlocking on the other thread about the USMC slit cover.


    Just a thought,

    Try a black light I have a second pattern that looks soooo good center stitch and every thing but under black light the tan side turns to this sick purple

    color , while on a known original second pattern trousers it does not turn purple , neither does a poncho turn purple . It really burns me up the dishonesty in this hobby

    from some dealers and people, thank goodness for the forum. Another thing i've noticed

    is there really is alot of good stuff out there it's just all been collected up, and nobody ever wants to sell anything. ANOTHER cover i have seen is from TTO USMC , I think

    Harlan has stopped making repros. also w.w.2 impressions makes a good cover as well . Whoa unto the swindlers and thieves who take people for thier hard earned

    money may they inherit the wind! koreamike


  4. Here's the "wierd" smock, which I picked up from Bruce and Tina Herman at the last Great Western Show they had in Las Vegas. Note knife pouch at lower pocket; there are tailor's pencil marks where some of the snaps should be...an abandoned concept maybe?



    That smock looks to be the same one george herman owned back in 1999,

    I still have a copy of the catalog with the smock on the cover. I have a second pattern helmet cover it looks to be ok except under black light , the tan side

    akes on this weird purple color, what gets me is that the thing has moth tracks in it.


    When i put the black light to my movie studio stamped second pattern trousers

    itdoes not turn purple :think: :think: Wats up with that??????? If you would ever

    cosider selling a first or second pattern please email me at mmjv@cox.net psalm 91

  5. Good or bad guys?


    Thanks! :thumbsup:

    Looks reproduction to me , weird colors centerstitch looks suspicious ,

    and the shape is off. The loud screaming green really throws up a red flag.

    I have a secondpattern tha is really , really good, hard to tell, centerstich

    is perfect and the way thetwo halvesare folded over is perfect.

    the problem is when placed under black light tan side looks weird purple.

    The thing even has moth tracks in it ???/ too good tobe true? lost some dough.

    regards . mike varndell a.k.a. koreamike NEVER FORGET THE MEN OF

    THE CHOSIN RESERVOIR ,and the korean war!!! :think: :think:

  6. HMC 1 HAROLD J. VARNDELL Passed Away 5 APRIL 2010

    He saw action at The CHOSIN RESERVOIR , served 2 tours in

    KOREA ,served in VIETNAM as a corpsman and retired in 1968



  7. Hi everyone, thanks for the subject and the photographs in the posts above.


    About six years ago I had around 100 or so original unissued camo helmet covers for sale ( all gone sorry). They were all still folded and bundled ( 20's I recall ) and tied up as at the day of manufacture. They were second pattern, in that they had the slots around the head for foliage, but they also had a single slot in each of the fold under ' ears', the blueprints for this pattern are dated Sept 1942. There is no slot for the chin straps, the Marines would have had to cut this theirselves, also there was no EGA ( eagle ) stamped on it either side. what you may also be able to see from the attached photo is the variations in the colors of the spots and the backgrounds as different bolts of cloth were used. ( Lewis )

    Where was I ??? Thank you sir for the very wonderful picture. :rolleyes::lol: :lol: koreamike :lol: :lol: :rolleyes:

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