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  1. The colors are all wrong as well, another thing is the hem on the beach side should have been hemmed up with green showing on the beach side , as far as the snaps go your right ,however i have seen

    some faintness of the company markings on authentic fasteners due to the dies being worn out due to so much usage . People are committing fraud and should be arrested as far as i am concerned, anyone

    who knowingly sells a fake item as the real deal is stealing and should be prosecuted koreamike :dry: :dry: B)

  2. Hello, has anyone out there ever done buisiness with mr. richard peacher on any vintage flying helmets , have they turnd out to be fake or has he ever ripped any one off? koreamike :think: :crying:

  3. Very sad news indeed.I to knew Greg through collecting and had dealt off and on with him since the early 90s even back when Chris Arnold had his webb site for collectors.He will be greatly missed here on the forum and by me personally.His knowledge and willingness to help will be hard to replace.


    My sincerest condolenses to his family.


    RON DOYLE We were very lucky to have him . we will all miss him


  4. mike.....the marine corps were pioneers in the development of cold weather uniforms and had a complete line of m-1951 items. they were the first to use nylon and I own a Korean war period field jacket made out of a nylon blend material. But during that first winter they were unprepared although they did have stocks of ww2 vintage alpaca lined parkas and alpaca lined vests. these two items were specific to the marines.


    greg Thank you greg in aiding in my research koreamike

  5. Ok, ill play. Here is mine. :lol:



    Tag is a pretty washed out, but you can make out the "extra large".



    that is so beautiful you are very fortunate thank you for the pictures koreamike :w00t: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :lol:

  6. WWII ERA BAYONETS COMING SOON. Before the end of November, 2010 CMP will have the WWII era M1 model (10") bayonets for sale in the stores and on the eStore. Prices are not yet set, but these bayonets will be priced very reasonably.


    Thank you for your continued support.


    Orest Michaels


    Chief Operating Officer

    For the full text of the email click here:



    thats great news koreamike

  7. I have been collecting now for nearly 21 years, and thought it would be appropriate to share some bits of wisdom with newer collectors. All are welcome to contribute to this thread - one of the things I've learned is that no one can know everything! Three big things I've learned:


    1) BUY BOOKS! I've never met anyone who has regretted spending money on reference books, but I HAVE met many people who wished they had bought a book on their collecting interest but instead invested money into their field only to lose their shirt. Buying good reference books and educating yourself first is the first step to having a great collection! Just remember that 99.99% of militaria will come up for sale again sometime in the future... be patient and buy your education now, then militaria when you know what you're doing.


    2) Buy what you're interested in, but buy the best. This is from a guy who spent the last 20 years being told by friends to buy "high end" items, but instead investing in items that had "character". Now don't get me wrong... sometimes those items that aren't the best have the best personal meaning, and that's worth more than anything. However, I haven't lost my shirt too many times trying to resell the things I've bought before, but trust me on this - I would have been a lot better off listening to my collecting mentors!


    3) Always keep an open mind, and always know your friends. This is important anywhere you go and anything you do. Make sure that you're always willing to learn, and sometimes (when you have to) be graceful in taking your lumps. No one likes a collector who is defensive about something that's clearly fake, but that they believe to be real. Learn who you can trust in the field, and keep them as your friends. Keep a good reputation as both a buyer and seller - it will always pay off for you.


    There's lots more theory out there, but these are my "big three" for new collectors.





    What other thoughts are out there??? As a fairly new collector i have really been through some of the pittfalls

    and really badly burned by some people who i thought were my friends but later found out that the only reason they befriended me was to dump thier repro stuff on an inexperienced collector . This really hurts and has chased me away almost what should i do . Confront them over the email or take my lumps? i would really like to say something koreamik :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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