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  1. Thanks ram bob those are the coolest thanks for the reply beautiful trousers and jacket . p.s. suzys surplus on eBay has the marine floatation bladders for sale .

    They are around 60 to 70 bucks , but very nice ;);):D and unissued . koreamike

  2. Hi there has any one ever heard of or have pictures of a hbt od7 us army jungle jacket,

    it has rienforcements at the shoulders ,appelettes , and loopsin the back to run back pack straps throughout and bellows pockets with exposed plastic buttons . thanks koreamike

  3. Thanks a lot , for the reply this collector in new york i know real well wants to sell me a beautiful set , the jacket is an atlantic mfg. co and the trousers are king kard overall they are mint and beautiful but the price is almost 2,000.00

    I really , really want them and have seen nothing but fake one's for the last five years of my quest . think i will

    jump on them . thanks again koreamike

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