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  1. I see where you said it was bought at auction. I've bought several items through military auctions (directly from the fed government) and they always put a white sticker on the items showing some info like stock number, original price of the item, etc.
  2. The colors look right... but I've never seen a locker that looked just like those. It's possible they're Navy lockers. It's also possible that if they are Navy lockers that they didn't come off a ship... could have been in a barracks or some other shore facility. It looks like there might be some sort of small metal plate above the top vents on the door. If so, there might be an NSN or some other identifier under the pant.
  3. That's a submarine combat patrol insignia
  4. 1930 Lucky Bag If you search "Dodge" it will come up with a couple of photos of him at the USNA - https://archive.org/details/luckybag1930unse/page/232
  5. A story about when he was commanding USS Seal: https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/daily/wwii/the-silent-service-a-submariner-aboard-the-uss-seal/
  6. Here are some of his assignments: USS S-10 - 1935 Commanding officer USS R-12 (SS-89) - 1940 He was the CO of the USS Brill in WWII.
  7. It has to be 2nd Nicaraguan. There are several submarine COs that had that award. Some better photos showing his face could help narrow it down... hard to tell from the side profile.
  8. Looks like it could be a Bronze Star. A little white on each side and it looks like a difference in color at the center (the white/blue stripes).
  9. Can you post additional photos of him? Maybe we can track him down.
  10. The one in the picture is 4 darker colored stripes and 5 lighter. The commemorative medal is 5 red, 6 white.
  11. Any idea who the submarine skipper is?
  12. http://www.americanairmuseum.com/person/93747 Jewish Serviceman Card High school yearbook photo 1940 (he's the one to the far right) High school yearbook photo 1940 (far left)
  13. Based on the dates of his service, I'd guess that it was done post-discharge.
  14. Check out page 139 of this rate training manual that discusses RCPP/RCPT 105: https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED109303.pdf (also has info on the NC-10B on page 360) Info about NC-10 (this is the 10C): http://navyaviation.tpub.com/14008/Figure-3-5-Nc-10C-Mobile-Electric-Power-Plant-Mepp-64.html
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