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    .:. Favorite Part of Collection: Grouping belonging to Lt. Col. Galen A. Gorrill.
    .:. Favorite Area of Collecting: Army Air Force
  1. Haha, I was wondering if the ASOM was going to be listed in here! I actually work there right now as part of the foundation staff. Quite a world class museum! I would highly recommend that anyone pay a visit here if you get the chance. Check out the website here: http://www.asomf.org/ - Jeff
  2. ** UPDATE **Thanks to Wildcat123 for selling Mr. Gorrill's dog tags to me and to GroveB for finding his Class A uniform, the grouping is more complete now! Here is the latest photo of Mr. Gorrill's grouping with the newest additions being his Class A uniform, dog tags, medals, and two pocket knives. - Jeff
  3. Sorry for my absence guys! I was on a hiatus from collecting not long after my last post in this thread. Kinda ran out of room and was directing most of my money towards school and my car. Hehe. I have been using the same paper form of record keeping, but looking to also start an electronic copy to add some more detailed information. I can see where trying to convert a huge collection onto records can be daunting if no system was in place prior. All I can say is that you should start somewhere and keeping track of an items provenience should be a high priority. As soon as you buy an item,
  4. Ah!!! Many thanks to you sir!! :w00t: I have DirecTV as well and also did not have the HBO package. I have never heard of channel 101 however until you just mentioned it. Doing a little research on Wikipedia, it turns out ALL DirecTV subscribers have access to channel 101. In other words, you don't need HBO to watch the series or take up valuable time and bandwidth to watch it online! I just checked the channel five minutes ago and as a matter of fact, The Pacific: Part One, comes on in a couple of hours at 1AM EST! Can't wait!! :w00t: By the way, here is the link to Channel
  5. Great photos! :thumbsup: I remember some other photos similar to these which were of U.S. Navy maneuvers out in the Pacific. - Jeff
  6. I am lucky I suppose. I have photos that were taken by a captain who recovered wrecked/destroyed German vehicles and some of the tank photos are getting published in a book. - Jeff
  7. Thats a really informative website!! Thanks for posting the link! :thumbsup: - Jeff
  8. Here is a shot of the Item Record Sheet where I actually record the information of each item. Instead of each item only taking one row in a college ruled notebook, each item will now get one sheet of paper. It allows me to get more data on a item recorded and also in a really nice looking manner! - Jeff
  9. Hmm, well since I first made my original post in this thread way back, I have re-designed my hard copy record system. Now, instead of writing all my items down in a notebook, I have designed a layout that I print out and plan on sticking into a three ring binder. Since I am very creative with graphic design, I created what I think is a really eye pleasing record sheet design. The following photo that I have attached is of the Ebay Seller List sheet where I write in the required information and refer to the Ebay Sellers ID later on in my Item Record Sheet. If anyone would like the origi
  10. Geez!! I would never find anything that good in an antique mall! I am quite envious!! - Jeff
  11. Here's one of my favorite recent acquisitions, an ID'ed jumper, hat and trousers to a fellow who was in the Seabee's. I am sent away to NARA to see if they have any information on him. - Jeff
  12. Really nice AAF uniforms you have there!! :w00t: I also like your mannequins, could you post a photo of one without a uniform on it? Also, where did you get them from? - Jeff
  13. Thanks to the two articles FS found, I believe I have found their old address in MD. Roy and Bette Satzer 340 Allegany St Frostburg, MD 21532 I would like to send off to NARA to see if they have his records. Since they said he passed away, I tried searching the SSDI to try and find his Social Security number, but no luck. I also don't know his Navy serial number. Those are two very good identifiers for NARA's 180 form. Is it still possible to send in a request without either of those? - Jeff
  14. Thank you very much for the kind compliments and to you FS, for finding those two articles! :thumbsup: I also forgot to ask a question in my original post. There is a white band around the right shoulder and I wasn't quite sure what it meant. Does it have something to do with his rank? You will have to excuse me, i'm more of an AAF guy. P.S. (I can post a better photo of the white band if needed/desired.) - Jeff
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