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    A collector of the First and Second Indochina wars, these conflicts have made me a collector of the webbing of US forces from WW2-onwards, as US items were worn and used by most combatant nations of these wars.<br /><br />I focus on the uniforms of all Allied nations of the 2nd Indochina war with emphasis on ARVN and S.Vietnamese made patterns.<br /><br />I also enjoy collecting current issue US items.
  1. Hello Marentius, do you have any details of prior assignments or length of service of this man at all?
  2. Which of course the original poster has made clear in all his postings, and even in the thread title, which states it be an era piece and not of the conflict. The flippant remark about him 'saying it is' is unwarranted.
  3. At the risk of pedantry and not wholly connected to this particular object at all,overt US involvement yes, the south however still had another 2 years of struggle before it finally fell.
  4. Alex, i have another picture at home of a practically identical garment in wear in colour. I'll send it to you later.
  5. Appreciate it a great deal Hunter, fellow member (both here and there) Valery also posted a hat virtually identical, with many of the same construction 'fingerprints' in post #123 of my linked thread, this time in a more conventional pattern.
  6. Hunter, you may find reading from post number #236 on this thread interesting. Perhaps if you were so inclined you could also add it to that thread as it is a twin construction wise to two other examples posted within.
  7. Just a quick addendum, the design for the first patch is for airborne headquarters 'Base Aeroporte' - BAP. the 'BP' actually stands for 'Brigade Parachutiste' the individual Arabic numerals relate to the actual battalions. The characters under the 4th Battalion patch translates as 'The people that have pride'.
  8. Bear in mind it is a low budget film.... http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/companyk.php http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0372828/
  9. Hello, I have a provisional release date of July 26th 2010 for this film. Not long for you to wait.
  10. To be fair this would appear to be a dynamic of the Asian cinema industry. The film is quite superb. 'JSA-Joint Security Area' is another fine slice of Korean cinema.
  11. Beezeman & NTS, follow the link; http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/ind...21&hl=Wings
  12. Gil, have have another image filed away, i will try and find it and dig it out ( i am still adding backed up data to my new PC build!). From memory the same style of painted cover can be seen at a review of ARVN troops.
  13. Patrick.

    Navy MOPIC

    Ian, i have the fortune of having two modified examples. The other is a single cell and a well made addition to the holster with good quality leather. This example has all the crude charm that locally sourced items can display at times. It is very much at the cheap end of the spectrum and 'expedient' is entirely the correct term! Should a window present itself i will attempt a photo or two.
  14. Patrick.

    Navy MOPIC

    Hello, from memory i cannot recall any obvious labels....i will pull it from the collection later this week and post results. It is a very,very lightweight fabric.
  15. That is a glaring and distracting error... The same sin is committed in another good little film on a very much ignored and niche interest i admit, 'Assembly'.
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