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    My main collecting interest is US Airborne groupings and uniforms as well as infantry groups. I collect the dark side as well, German Panzer.

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  1. Bottom line here guys, Ebay is not going to do ANYTHING that is good for the seller and not good for them. If you think they are you are seriously misinformed!! Only time will tell how or what will come out of this. I do know it is harder for guys like me who have limited time to trace down a few dollars are not in a good spot with this new system.
  2. I like it more than I don't, but it does have a lot of wear on the inside to look fresh on the outside. Already at $2100 or so and not a combat helmet??? Hmmmm....
  3. Generally when an item has to be "explained" it's not a very good sign, especially when it's an extremely rare piece. Just my nickles worth.
  4. I personally am not a fan of online auctions at all. These auctioneers have gone from the average fee of about 10% 5 to 7 years ago to 18 and 25% today!!! They have gotten so greedy and as I've stated in several posts here in the past they have become dumping grounds for CRAP that dealers know they cannot sell themselves, whether its a total fake or some type of humped up junk. I know the horse has already left the gate, but I long for the days of personal live auctions when you can look at the guy you are bidding against instead of wondering if the auctioneer has someone shill bidding every s
  5. I took a few minutes and went on Ebay and looked at his active listings. It is simply amazing the amount of crap he has for sell, both military related and non military. Some of the stuff is almost laughable!! Granted not all is bad, but where there is one bad apple there's usually more so caution needs to be taken. This goes to show you the amount of knowledge and experience the average Ebay buyer or online auction buyer has verses folks who are very active in their hobby and are members of forums or have close relationships with knowledgeable collectors and constantly want to learn. I've bee
  6. Neat website!! Good work. Thought you'd appreciate this. Ribbon bar sample boards are tough to find, especially a WWII dated one!!
  7. Really neat photo taken during the occupation period of a 1st ID / 17th Airborne guy. He s wearing a beautiful bullion 17th AB patch on the right shoulder.
  8. Nah...they're junk. Go ahead and send me your friends name and I'll save you the trouble of trading him - I'll do it for you.
  9. No need to ask any questions when the paint is that white.
  10. One more thing....I'm going to take VISA & MC on Saturday ONLY when everybody is taped out of cash.
  11. First timers....the best advice for you guys that have never been there. If you are staying a couple days then leave your wallet in your room the first day or there's no reason to even go back the second day because you'll be broke!!
  12. That's when you tell the guy next to you to take a hike!! You will find that there are some "bullies" that only respond to being "bullied" themselves. But, it's not nearly as bad now as it was just 5 years ago.
  13. Most of these are theater made goodies!!!
  14. You guys tired of the same ole' cast of characters selling the same ole' overpriced patches on Ebay day after day...week after week?? Well come see me at the SOS next week. These have been in my collection for quite a while and they should be priced to move!! Please do not PM wanting to buy now as I just got through pricing them and they are already packed and ready to go to Louisville. I'll be on row J tables 68 & 69. Will not be open until mid day Thursday. Thanks
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