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    ww2 and vietnam era uniforms
  1. I enjoy anything from the 13th , Very sweet pics , thanks for sharing
  2. I have an " IKE " jacket that has the 334th infantry dui`s on it with a 7th army patch on the left sleeve . Rank is a tech corporal , dated 1953 , would like to restore this uniform to original condition , any ideas guys ?
  3. Just amazing ! I now know what heaven will look like for the collectors . Great items, THANKS for sharing with us .
  4. Hi everyone , new here and wanted some info on a set of tiger stripes that I found at our local thrift store , they are made by tru-spec with the following numbers , shirt 8415-01-390-8544 and the pants are marked 8415-01-184-1355 . I would guess somewhere around 2001 with the number having 01 in them . This store has alot of military clothing and other items . I picked these up and around 8 woodland , 4 flight coverall and several flight jackets for an amazing price since no one else wanted them . Any ideas and thanks . Rick
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