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  1. Thanks!. I searched Finnish weapons. It is for a Bergmann M/20.
  2. I picked this up recently. The guy that I bought it from said that it is a 50 round Thompson stick magazine. I am not sure. It is marked SA (Springfield Armory). Thanks!
  3. Not sure what it is. Any idea. WWI era - round bottom with pockets on the outside and snaps on each side.
  4. Hey that is my helmet that you said you wanted!
  5. Your hat badge is authentic. Joe sends that email to everyone that lists Luxenberg on ebay.
  6. What about early airline wings or training, ATC?
  7. Bought these in a lot of WWII patches. Any idea what they are? Thanks.
  8. Joe did well on those didn't he!
  9. I met with an old collector earlier today. He offered me an ammunition can/box for 200 rounds of linked .50 caliber. It is WWII vintage and appears to be made of brown plastic or the same material as a helmet liner. It has rollers on one side and an opening on the same side. I thought it might be for an airplane (he thought a P-51 wing can). He also offered me 200 linked .50 cal brass with projectiles (not live). Any ideas on what the box is for and what the stuff is worth? Thanks!
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