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  1. Here's the same picture (cropped) and info on Winfield Green. http://www.33rdinfantrydivision.org/rosters/123rdofficers_roster.pdf
  2. Might as well add some of the other info on the Lt. that I found. How the S/Sgt was awarded the Silver Star. www.33rdinfantrydivision.org/history_newguineamorotai.htm
  3. Battlefield commission and Silver Star. daytonandthegreens.com/winfield-r-green/
  4. Oh, by the way, nice photo of the Lt probably receiving a battlefield commission.
  5. My guess is Major Winfield R Green by comparing the n in General, the n in sincere, and the r in General to the Lt's last name. He's on find a grave.
  6. Myself, I'm not sending a MO to someone on craigslist and hoping I receive the item I paid for. Yep, I bet he's gotten a few phone calls by now
  7. Thank you all for the comments. Looks like I'm not going to hear from the family and I got the last of what they had or was letting go.
  8. Found this on craigslist and passing it on for anyone who's interested. I know nothing about this and have nothing to do with it but if I lived near there I would be checking it out. WW2 Purple Heart Engraved $175 (Rancho Bernardo) posted: 2016-06-20 sandiego.craigslist.org Only one P*A*U*L F*R*U*C*H*T*N*I*C*H*T on NARA and I found KIA (maybe DOW) info on brookhavensouthhaven.org that's probably him. Google search: brookhavensouthhaven.org (NAME) Hope I made a PH collectors day! HH
  9. I started collecting shirts a year or so ago. I haven't bought any online or at shows but I'm happy with what I found so far. Here are a few of them.
  10. This was a quick search on books.google.com -Orvin L Buche- so.......
  11. Really nice as always! No doubt your work makes a lot of people happy.
  12. Thanks for the comments! I'm being patient and waiting to see if I hear anything this weekend or even this coming week. The family is going through some stuff and they know I would like to have anything else that they are not keeping. I gave them a list (ideas) in case they might think something like photos, newspaper clippings, military footwear, etc. may not have any value. I'm guessing there should also be an Air Medal if it's not already gone. IMO posting their family name (personal business/information) on the Internet without their permission may not be the smartest thing to do rig
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