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  1. I'm sad to hear too and am surprised that no one else is interested or trying. I looked forward to every Wed morning to give it a try. Perhaps others were not fully aware or the freebies and how to get them for some reason. Robert
  2. Got them in the mail today Bill . They look great . Robert
  3. All I can say is .....WOW!! You surely lucked out . Robert
  4. Thanks. The waiting was killing me LOL. I haven't won anything for a very long time and this was nice . Robert
  5. Perhaps he is building up the anticipation LOL. . Robert
  6. I've posted this one before, "The director of the Enlisted Heritage Hall, CMSgt. Malcolm McVicar (right), discusses changes to uniforms with Gen. T. Michael Moseley, USAF Chief of Staff. McVicker is wearing a sergeants uniform. (USAF photo by Carl Bergquist)"
  7. II MEF worn by Army helicopter crews. Both types of subdued variations.
  8. Cadet Shane Swanson, a military science cadet with the Army ROTC Aztec Battalion, wears a patch from 1st Reconnassaince Battalion, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., during a training exercise at East Miramar, March 10. Swanson deployed twice to Iraq as a Navy corpsman with 1st Recon. Bn. before joining the program. Read more: http://www.dvidshub.net/image/381716/army-aztec-battalion-trains-aboard-east-miramar#.UXI150pPH8A#ixzz2Qyyz6NBq
  9. Hey Bill I'm trying to get my 7 year old nephew into patch collecting. Does that count? Its one of the things that I do together with him . Robert
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