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  1. According to a french magazine , England used a specific canvas for the .455 colt1911 . But never seen one ... and no pictures are available on this book .
  2. Hello dear collectors , Could you please tell me if this holster is genuine ? I saw repro with same marking , according the our knowledgable member Artu . This one is not genuine . Can someone show a real one for sure . Thanks for helping ?
  3. Hello guys could you please tell me if this one is genuine . Thanks for help
  4. Yes gun was for the first time demilitarised in Germany and in Belgium too . Price is around 600 euros
  5. Ok many thanks :-) ok will wait for a military show to find the book .
  6. Hello guys I would like your opinion for some details on a M1A1 Thompson . 1 .is it normal to find a dark green/black parkerised body and a blued barrel ? Already seen here on the forum ( member all I knew ) 2. I read on the French gazette des armes That the marking A1 beginning at 850 000 !? the one that I can buy is 835 000 already marked A1 ( not the A1 added ) 3 there are some trace of black paint ( on the metal ) just over the pistol grips and near the loader receiver too. In advance thank you:-)
  7. Hello guys Have you ever seen this type of grenade pouch ? What would be the value ? Very rare or common ? Many thanks for helping :-)
  8. Hello sadly No replies from family :-( Is it possible to know in witch unit was he ???
  9. Thanks I found Ms Lois DAUTEL Abbott on Facebook hope she will reply :-) I will let you know if I can earn more info :-)
  10. Hello guys Iam looking for contact with his family;-) I kNow that I have some family who moves to USA in early 20th century or late 19 th. We have the same name . William DAUTEL . And I would like to know more info about him , iam from Belgium and William fought in Belgium , in a tank destroyer battalion and iam pretty sure that he was in my town in september 44. Hope you can help me to find his family :-) He was from Pennsylvania but born in Maryland. Serial army number 33807988 In advance thank you
  11. Thx Tom for your time and reply . I just send to you a private message . Have a nice day ;-)
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