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    WWII USMC Items including Combat Groupings; Medals and Ribbons; Blues and Alpha Uniforms with Unit shoulder patches such as the Marine Divisions, 1st MAC, and FMF PAC, etc. RAIDER and PARAMARINE items. USMC Mameluke sabers; The Citadel cadet Class Rings; Citadel cadet swords, Citadel Sphinx yearbooks, etc.

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  1. Glad to see this resurface. Nice finds! You are a fine man for taking in the pup, much respect! How are things going?
  2. I havent seen patched blues, let alone officers blues in years. Very rare, very cool. Wonder why he needed them...probably to wear in SD. Nice find
  3. Awesome save! I was in 2/5 and wore that fourragere with pride! Semper
  4. Great stuff, wonderful heritage, be proud and thx for sharing
  5. Congrats on this very special find. I didn't see the auction but WW2 Paramarine items are a bargain at any price. The jump cert is a great document to have survived with the winged uniforms. Looks like the date on it is 9/11/43. I have a ParaMarine grouping to PFC Holec who graduated from Company B, Para Training School on 12/8/43 and then went to G Co. 2/26 with 5th MarDiv for the invasion of Iwo Jima. Interesting to compare the similarities in service of these two 5th MarDiv ParaMarines. Here is the group of PFC Holec: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/202892-kia-iwo-jima-pfc-frank-e-holec-usmc-r/
  6. what awesome photos!! What a thrill it would be to have been a member of those units! Just amazing history and no-doubt proud service.
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