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    WWII USMC Items including Combat Groupings; Medals and Ribbons; Blues and Alpha Uniforms with Unit shoulder patches such as the Marine Divisions, 1st MAC, and FMF PAC, etc. RAIDER and PARAMARINE items. USMC Mameluke sabers; The Citadel cadet Class Rings; Citadel cadet swords, Citadel Sphinx yearbooks, etc.

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  1. I feared something like this, thanks for responding. If anyone has additional info or something surfaces, please post here. If anyone has war cross examples to share please post
  2. Is there any way to track the recipients by the stamped serial numbers on the back of the War Cross badge medal of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War ? Looking to add one to my collection Thanks
  3. Glad to see this resurface. Nice finds! You are a fine man for taking in the pup, much respect! How are things going?
  4. I havent seen patched blues, let alone officers blues in years. Very rare, very cool. Wonder why he needed them...probably to wear in SD. Nice find
  5. Awesome save! I was in 2/5 and wore that fourragere with pride! Semper
  6. Great stuff, wonderful heritage, be proud and thx for sharing
  7. Congrats on this very special find. I didn't see the auction but WW2 Paramarine items are a bargain at any price. The jump cert is a great document to have survived with the winged uniforms. Looks like the date on it is 9/11/43. I have a ParaMarine grouping to PFC Holec who graduated from Company B, Para Training School on 12/8/43 and then went to G Co. 2/26 with 5th MarDiv for the invasion of Iwo Jima. Interesting to compare the similarities in service of these two 5th MarDiv ParaMarines. Here is the group of PFC Holec: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic
  8. what awesome photos!! What a thrill it would be to have been a member of those units! Just amazing history and no-doubt proud service.
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