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  1. Well that is something very unique. You don’t see those everyday. If I understand correctly, the piece you found was the test piece that was subjected to the focusing point of the solar furnace amplified mirrored beams. Chris
  2. Could possibly be a FD badge Any other ideas or thoughts?? Chris
  3. Any ideas on this hat badge? It reminds me of the GAR hat badges, but this one is different than the others I have seen. It was on eBay and listed as a 5th Infantry or Artillery WW1-1920s hat badge. Just never seen one like this one.
  4. Thank you Lewis. The Illinois plate is the soybean variety and is in great condition. The Va. plate does look like it had the 43-44 corner tag used in the past. I never noticed that before. I have a Va. 44 plate somewhere but I am unable to find it now! Chris
  5. I have a Blue Sky Rockola Carbine with the original barrel. It has that deeply struck marking. I couldn’t bring myself to take off the original barrel so I have learned to live with the importer’s mark. My Blue Sky Carbine is a decent, to okay shooter. I think you did well with you Garand!
  6. I agree those look like USN/USMC bars.
  7. Great looking helmets. Thank you for sharing. In your last picture of the heat stamp, it has what looks to possibly be a lightly stamped “3” between the “4” and the “B”. Could just be my eyes, but I have similar lightly stamped numbers on some of my helmets. Chris
  8. Found an old Stein in an antique shop in Norfolk Va. The mug is engraved to Captain E. H. Kiehl from the Officer and Wives of COMFIBRON 2 Staff. Captain Kiehl was a 1947 USNA graduate and served for 33 years and retired as a Captain. He served onboard the USS New Jersey, USS Seafox SS-402, USS Tilefish SS-307, USS Carp SS-338. Captain Kiehl commanded the following; USS Bergall SS-320, USS Bonefish SS-582, USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29. Before and after pics of the Captain’s Stein.
  9. Chief’s don’t wear jumpers. Looks like a middle piece
  10. Very nice!! I wonder if this helmet could have been used on the A-3 skywarrior?
  11. Tonomachi that is a great looking Trident. The silver finish looks very similar to the finish on the Trident I posted years ago. I never really have figured out exactly what the story on the Vanguard Trident is, but they certainly look to be silver originally. Chris
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