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  1. Great buckle!! I believe this is US Army 779th Tank Battalion involved in the Philippines too late to see combat.
  2. Great looking swords. I really like the old Ames logo on the blade, much nicer than the Ames marks used on their M1906 contract sabers. The old mark doesn’t hold up very well to time and can be difficult to see sometimes. Did the Ames come with a scabbard? The old import wrist breaker and scabbard looks to be in great condition. Chris
  3. That is interesting. I have not seen one like that before. Looks like someone has touched up the “One” with black paint. Chris
  4. I would love to see some pics. You can post it here if you like. Chris
  5. Thanks Mike. Have you ever heard or seen any of the UCV vets painting any of their swords? It looks like the scabbard shows signs of someone trying to remove the gold paint. I like the gold paint and consider it part of this saber’s history, so I will keep the sword in this condition. Chris
  6. Recently obtained this cavalry saber. This one has gold wash remaining on the blade and scabbard. I have heard of the old GAR veterans that would paint the swords gold but I never ran across one before. I think this sword is possibly one of the GAR painted swords. Here are some pictures.
  7. Aren’t all M1911 frames no names?
  8. I wonder if the “Eglin machine shop” modified existing rescue axes by removing the sawteeth serrations and putting an edge on the axe?
  9. Is it possible to have a wood handle replaced on a sword like this? Obviously I don’t want to put a lot of money in this relic, but wood handle scales would be nice. Does anyone do that kind of restoration work? Thanks, Chris
  10. Looks like your axe has had the saw tooth serrations ground down to a smooth profile.
  11. Looks like an aviation crash rescue axe to me. I have had a few of these.
  12. I don’t recall seeing any A-6 fleet aircraft that were not fully modified after 1990. SWIP, Plastic wings, etc etc. Chris
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