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  1. I bought this one. I didn’t know you were working a deal though. It is a nice buckle with the 1200 PSI noted on the buckle. I believe this indicates the Ship’s Boiler pressure as it relates to the training team’s mission.
  2. Matt, I can’t prove it one way or the other, but I would say that is a light gray helmet. I did 20 years in the Navy and the only white helmets I remember seeing were medical helmets. I am sure there were other white helmets but they definitely were not plentiful. Chris
  3. Wow. That is very interesting explanation. Thank you for taking the time to get that info!!! Chris
  4. Great looking Ithaca. Is that the same Johnny P from Arkansas? Chris
  5. I have had this shell for awhile now and am trying to figure out the age. This is a steel shell and has “2-57” on the bottom. My question is; is this the date of the shell? I always thought the steel shells came a little bit later than 2-57.
  6. I am providing these pictures because the old pics were lost years ago. Chris
  7. Thank you for your comment but I think I will leave this one as is. The collector community already has too many put-together helmets in my opinion. If I did have a desire to tape this one up, I would make it an Attack Squadron helmet. Remember, “Fighter guys make movies, Attack guys make history”. 😂
  8. Take a look and see if there are any markings on the barrel. Could possibly be WW1.
  9. The bottom item in the last picture is a barrel for a M1911 .45 pistol.
  10. Yes I was surprised at how cheap I got this beacon. The dealer still has some items on eBay. I will have to check on his auctions now and then. The beacon was marked “560 FTS” not “TFS”. The squadron is at Randolph AFB in Texas flying the T-38. Still on the hunt for an Inertia Reel and a female Koch fitting.
  11. The Hass name tags are from VF-143. Monty got tags from VF-102, VF-33, and VF-74
  12. Yes, the URT-33/C was purchased from a guy in Texas. It only went for $15 and I saw he had a bunch of survival radio equipment for auction. The URT-33/C had 560 TFS scratched into the side of the beacon. I think it possibly came out of a T-38 jet. Yes that was me again!! I felt lucky to get the equipment bag and the raft cover. The raft cover is in great shape and the equipment bag is a little more used but still very nice. Chris
  13. I am having a hard time seeing any blue paint.
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