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  1. That`s what I thought too, maybe a private purchase. Was that allowed? Does have matching shorts and comes with a blue reserves neckercheif.
  2. Can someone tell me if this is a navy outfit.
  3. phil.co1

    WW2 uniform

    Thanks for the help fellas, i`ll see what I can find.
  4. phil.co1

    WW2 uniform

    Would like to hear some opinions on this uniform I've just got hold of, real patches? Came with shirt and trousers which has that smell that makes me feel its been hidden away for a long while. Any ideas on number etc in back? Thanks for any imput. Phil
  5. That`s why I always check in here first for items like this before I buy. Thanks for everyone`s info much appreciated.
  6. Thanks, its up for sale at about $50 is it worth that?
  7. Can you give me some info on these wings, Meyer just seem to be a bit of a minefield!
  8. Should have it after the weekend, it is almost certainly HBT. Phil
  9. See what I can do, just wondered if these were produced at all as it looks too well made to be a homemade thing.
  10. Sorry no I haven`t got it to hand. Just wondered if anyone had seen one before.
  11. Here is a side on. Can`t get any other pics at moment.
  12. Intrigued by this HBT cap, has anyone seen one before. Fake or real?
  13. Here is a pic of British General Gales VW. The fellow is someone I know who used to service the vehicles and drive him around during the 50`s in Germany.
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