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  1. I always thought these were from the late 70's to early 80's. I had a big collection of 19th and 20th Grp patches at one time
  2. That makes sense. It's been a long time since I've seen him. Did you see his photo albums ? I was at a WW2 event ages ago w/ Pete. He brought his photo albums and we drank a few beers. That guy had some great stories. He did alot of spooky stuff in Central America as well. The last time I saw him he admitted to doing a bit of work as a "kicker" recently. Wouldn't say where. If you look up the term "old warhorse" you'd probably find his picture.
  3. Heres another Capt Chuck Randall 1st SFG(A) Detachment Korea circa 1971
  4. O empty your inbox brother, got a message for you
  5. I think DCUs are the going to be the Jungle Jackets of the future.
  6. Most of the common beret maker labels are repro'd like mad. No self respecting beret faker is w/out them
  7. If you can you should buy every bloody one ! Great stuff !!
  8. While those uniforms were primarily worn by officers, it wasn't that unusual for senior NCO types to wear them as well. Usually 1st Sgts and the like, MSG is senior enough. They're were no "super grades" yet. Ive had complete officer quality TW uniforms for 1st Sgts.
  9. So many bad berets have hit the market over the years. Be glad you got a couple of gems ! Hopefully you can recoup your losses.
  10. Indeed. You'd think more of the stuff would have made its way down to the ville and into the hands of GIs. Of course it may well be that it was more common than we think. Nobody pays much attention to the wealth of period photo documentation available on the web.
  11. Actually it was my table on row W. No visits from Robert. Sigh....
  12. I wish I had a PRC 90 for you. Ive had them before. I would love to be able to contribute to this project. Just too cool. If I can come up with one Ill let you know. But you will probably locate one pretty soon. Not too hard to find.
  13. I would have to concur with others, keep it and you can be sure the CSM gets the credit and respect he deserves. Every time I hear one of these "the family would like it back" stories, I get a little nervous. Good on you with the "due diligence". I was nearly burned by the son of a vet who contacted me with a tear jerking story regarding the return of hid Dads stuff. Turns out he was the goon who sold it all in the first place. A superb group by the way. Cant wait to see what else you can come up with.
  14. Heres the link to Radix Press. Use the google search engine box and type in the name. http://www.specialforcesbooks.com/
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