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  1. With the exception of Spike, Doyler and Doctorofwar, I find the response very rude. I'm no kid, 77 , and have been a member of several collector clubs and am on websites . I've been at this 'Militaria " for 68 years and have several collections. Many of the posts were so rude and dismissive without any other comment, it reminded me of the puffed up "experts" that seem to infect every club organization. Someone would show up to find out information about something and these "Experts" would figuratively spit on the object, kick it around and sneer , to the point the rookie would go away and neve
  2. WOW , first it dismissed as being nothing but a '60,s hunting outfit, junk , trash , worthless , l then "it may have been worn by a few advisors" , and lastly I'm accused of trying to create a "Sales Pitch Thread" . You people are something else !!!!!!!
  3. I know everyone wants to be THE critic, but when I look at the uniform and I look at the picture of the guy in VN instructing a local on the use of the o3A3 . I see the same outfit. Everyone wants to say it's junk and NOT VN issue or use, but I don't see any difference in his and mine , down to the short jacket with the pockets almost to the bottom and the US Army issue buttons. What then did advisors wear???
  4. I guess you missed the WW2 army buttons and the guy in the picture wearing the same short shirt and exact pattern camo. My friend thinks it's the USMC "Frog" pattern. Remember these were advisors that weren't supposed to be there.
  5. My son found this at a garage sale and sent it to me . It looks legit . What do you know about it ? Thanks
  6. Another pic of helmet and liner, BB
  7. Have this parade helmet with the soldiers name in it. I have had it for a long time and wondered who he was and if he was at Arlington or some other special group. Thanks, BB
  8. Thanks so much , Looks likw without the enlistment number, it's impossible to find out anything. I have other medals . BB
  9. Here is a DFC that I have along with his Air Medal. I would like to find out more about him, BB
  10. Hard to say, but I found these on top of a trash pile set for the trash man . How do I find out about this hero ?? Can only seem to post one pic ???? Says too big but same as other,Thanks, BB
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a book on US and or All Flare guns . I read reference to a book by Breuninger but can't find it online. I have several of these launchers, US, German ,Japanese and would like to find a reference on them. Post here or e-mail me at nd65bjb@gmail.com . Thanks, BB
  12. I have 2 double clutch Purple Hearts, one in the original box, numbered and named. Is there a way to find out info on these guys ? Thanks, BB
  13. I picked this up and although I can't remember these being re-po'd, it looks like one. Any thoughts?? Thanks, BB
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