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  1. Thank you guys and good luck for your project Cobrahistorian. I've seen your panel parts. Great !
  2. Still looking for the last instrument, the Turbo RPM Tachometer
  3. Only two instruments are missing on my P-47 pane, A-11 clock and Turbo RPM tachometer
  4. Yes Paul, It's a radio operator seat. It was from Dole Tavaux Base in France where B-26 groups were stationed. He was made my Warren Mc Arthur Corp. I add an aluminium base with rolls Regards Steph
  5. I add some detail pictures of the seat for modelers and others
  6. Thank you for your comments. Yes i just want to make a better wooden stand to place windshield, instrument panel and rudder pedals.
  7. It's a little project of display. It's a test for placing differents parts and measure. I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Throttle : Rudder pedals : Floor part : Seat : first test : [/url] Regards
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