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  1. Not entirely sure what I have here. The couple I got this from said their great grandfather was in the US Army in WWI (his son, their father, was in the Navy in WWII), Grandfather was the one with the initials BHM, so this is therefore US Army. I am reluctant to unroll it as I doubt I'd be able to get it back to this condition. I have a somewhat similar WWII US Navy grouping from another local vet, and the strings on this one, the one pictured, look to be the same as the WWII group. The wooden crate pictured is what it was shipped in when he returned to Ohio, post war. So far, not
  2. Any idea what this might be worth? I am downsizing and would like to see it go to a "good home". It's a big coat--probably a US Large or XL.
  3. General, you have certainly nailed it. Thank you very much. I haven't located any seen black marks anywhere inside aside from some very small ones I'd attribute to stains, but who knows? They easily could have faded over the years. Looking further at the LRDG photos, the 4th row down shows a man atop a truck with what appears, from the back, to be a similar coat. Whoever added the fur collar did a nice job of it--the buttons appear to be a smaller versions of the front closuses and it has elastic hold down loops to similar buttons on the blanket collar ends.
  4. THANKS! I took another look and there are the remains of a white label on the lower inside right-hand canvas where you described. It can't be seen in my photos the way the jacket is folded back. No arrows, stencils, etc., or other stamps to be found. The collar is certainly old, but I can see where it's very possibly a theater add-on. Overall, it's in surpringly good shape. The underside of the fur collar looks like the sort of green fabric I've seen on flying suits. Can you suggest a web site or two where I could find more similar photos? Again, thanks.
  5. No tags stamps or labels. Looks like there were some, once upon a time, but none remain. ,
  6. Have not been able to identify a heavy canvas wool shearling lined coat. Wool collar buttons on, I have seen some British stuff that resembled it. Any help? Thanks
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