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  1. This story is amazing and it really makes you think about the sacrifices are service men make every day physically and mentally !! thanks for posting this it is very meaning full to me !!
  2. Thanks for sharing this sword with us it is a very thought provoking piece and deserves a little bit of everybody's time to sit back and study it !!! i also respect all the research work you have been doing it is excellent !!! also the knight head looks very much like the WKC symbol helmet, they where german knife makers and i know they made swords in the period hope this helps !!! bring on more great research
  3. i have seen these before !! and usually if they bring 15 its a lot i dont get whats special hear !!!
  4. Those medic helmets are killing me i wold be droolling over them !!
  5. i would say rotc or national guard rack but dont know where from !!
  6. from a historic stand point the movie sucks but just sitting around watching the movie it isnt horrible if you just take it for what it is !! in the catorgries of drama and action it is not a bad fictional movie !! i personally like the movie i feel they could have done a much better jobs with the details and made it more realistic but in the end a movies a movie which unless it was filmed at the events is usually changed and dramatized for the viewers sake !!
  7. not trying to change the subject but places like the smithsonian and museum sorta bother me a bit i mean yes it is nice to display what they do but they have thousands of items in storage and back rooms not just militaria but every possible collecting field you could image !! and it isnt being enjoyed by a single person so why not sell it out to a collector who will cherish that one piece as the center piece of this collection !! sorry for change the subject just how i feel !!
  8. very nice grouping indeed i couldn't imagine if this ever came up for sale this price these would bring !!
  9. i understand your point but i must say that if the germans had the equipment and man power they needed then i think they would have crushed russian forces at stalingrad , crossed the volga and then it is just a matter of search and destroy i beliee in this case they would have been able to take the oil fields needed !
  10. i disagree with the story completely !! if we had lost on DDAY i believe the russians would have been defeated if their was not a second front for the germans to fight on all power would have went to attacking the russian front, also all the positions and airfields we took and used to attack germay where vital, we took out their weapons and supplies, destroyed factories and moral of the people !! if this had not happened i think the germans would have crushed the russians also the germans would have had air superiority !
  11. yes i have seen some great finds from germany because a lot of german and soviet equipment weapons and badges and uniforms where just dumped in the woods !!
  12. it is not restricted in Germany mabye on certain sites but i know of many people who metal detect an Germany and it is a great hobby !!
  13. you should metal detect the area !!!!
  14. period made wings by N.S Meyer in New York !!
  15. yes i agree so it looks like your veteran was from Tennessee now you can find out the division most likely !!
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