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  1. Figured I'd bump this post - hoping for another stab at an ID...
  2. Here's an older thread on this patch tying it to the 350th SRS and Buffalo Hunter drone program in Vietnam. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/204648-unknown-asian-made-usaf-patch;-sac-bomb-squadron/
  3. Agree with Randy - looks like a 390th MMS cap patch...
  4. Bee and bulldozer patch is from the 366th Installations Squadron.
  5. Top right - Jefferson High School JROTC
  6. 5th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (Heavy): 1950-1955 5th Bombardment Wing (Heavy): 1955-1991
  7. Top middle is from the 3646th Pilot Training Squadron.
  8. Actually, the bottom patch is the 41st Air Depot Squadron.
  9. Actually, the middle patch looks like it's USAF - 1st Combat Communications Group...
  10. Found the previous posting on this patch: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/179645-can-you-identify-this-patch/?hl=bomb
  11. I believe this patch was discussed in a previous forum topic, however I can't seem to find the original thread. In any case, the patch pictured below is identified on USAFPatches.com as coming from the 464th Bombardment Squadron, but I'm not sure whether this ID is correct or not. I've seen conflicting IDs for this one. Can someone positively identify and confirm the squadron that this patch belonged to? Thanks!
  12. Randy has the correct ID #2 bottom left - 93rd Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron. The motto for #2 bottom right is listed in Polders as 803rd Supply Squadron, but I can't find a positive visual ID.
  13. Patch with the alligator holding the plane (lower left) is from the 653rd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron.
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